Swaggable is a great new-ish website that allows you to try all sorts of new (and mostly earth friendly) products.

Once you create an account, you just start generating your “Wants” list. It took several weeks for me to get off of the waiting list after I created my account, but I have now had the opportunity to review two different products and have had a great experience with Swaggable.

One thing about this site that is still kind of a mystery is their use of “swag rank.” When I write a review, someone starts following me, or someone comments or votes on a review, my “swag rank” goes up. I’m not sure by what algorithm the “swag rank” works, but it doesn’t bother me enough to stop using the site. The best way to boost your swag rank is to follow other members of Swaggable and to comment/vote on the reviews of other members.

If you are interested in trying some new and different products, I would highly recommend signing up for a Swaggable account.  And, don’t forget, the more active you are on the site, the more likely you are to get to try new stuff!


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