Lemon Zest LUNA Bar

I received the Lemon Zest LUNA Bar in my October Birchbox.  It was part of the special goop box.  Goop is a company that was founded by Gwyneth Paltrow to share all that is great in life.  So, they teamed up with Birchbox in October to send out a box that was full of some of their favorite things.   I enjoy trying new “granola” type bars because they are a simple way to get something moderately healthy in my body when I’m short on time.  So, I was excited to see this bar.

I had the bar for my morning snack today.  It only has a mild lemon flavor, which wasn’t so bad, but the sweetness of this bar was a little overwhelming.  The flavor kind of reminded me of lemon bars made from a box mix.  Not enough lemon and way too sweet.  In fact, the sweetness kind of hung around in my mouth after each bite and eventually gave way to a kind of bitter finish.  That bitterness actually made me wonder if the bar contained some artificial sweetener.  I couldn’t find any listed on the label, but I just didn’t like the way this tasted.

I like what LUNA stands for.  The bar is labeled 70% organic and according to their website, they do everything in their power to make sure the soy they use for these bars is GMO-free.  However, there were so many “extra” ingredients in this bar, I think that might balance it out.

My general opinion is that I won’t be back for more with this bar.  I’ll definitely look into some other LUNA products, but when I go for purchasing something that bills itself as a healthy snack, I’m looking for ingredients I can pronounce.  So, we’ll see how LUNA stands up to that.


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