Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Eye Cream

Eye cream is not something I usually go in for.  Frankly, it is expensive and I never see that much difference in myself when I use it. So, when I received Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Eye Cream in my October Birchbox, my hopes weren’t high, but I gave it a shot anyway.  In order to track if it really worked, I decided to take a before and after shot.  I thought that 2 weeks of consistent morning and nighttime use would be enough to note any differences.

Regardless of how it worked, I could tell from the first application that I loved the way the cream felt.  It is super light and smooth, so it goes on kind of like silk.  I also like that this eye cream has a very subtle scent.  I don’t know that any perfumes are added to it, but it also isn’t listed as fragrance free.  I have a sensitivity to strong perfumes, scented lotions, and such, so  this was very important to me.


I knew the real test would be in how the eye cream actually worked. Two weeks after my first application,  I took another photo of the same eye from my first photo and compared them.  Forgiving the extremely poor lighting in my house, you can see a clear difference in the depths of the wrinkles below my eyes.  I should disclose here that the first photo was taken before I applied the cream for the morning and the second photo was taken about 5 minutes after applying the cream 2 weeks later.  However, I feel that the difference in the wrinkles is enough to warrant a favorable rating.  As for the claim that the eye cream is also brightening, I don’t feel that I can speak to that.  The lighting from the pictures makes it difficult to account for any difference and to my eye, I haven’t seen any real difference.

For me, the jury is still out on eye creams and serums.  I’ve seen this one selling for anything from $40 – $55 on various websites, so it definitely isn’t on the most expensive, or even moderately expensive, end of the range.  I’m close to wanting to buy some for future use, but I think I need to try some others in the same price range before I make a determination about what I really want to drop some money on.  However, it is definitely a strong contender!


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