Kitchen Catharsis

Sometimes, spending a day in the kitchen putting together carefully crafted dishes is just what is needed to recover from the everyday busy we seem to put into our lives.

Several times over the holidays, I spent hours in the kitchen. First, for a Thanksgiving dinner that Nathan and I had planned to cook together.  Unfortunately, that plan was thwarted when he came down with the flu on the Tuesday before the holiday.  Then, just about a week before Christmas, we spent an afternoon/evening having our Christmas cookie baking extravaganza.  We spend an hour or two doing research prior to that and wound up with Almond-Oat Lace Cookies, Cherry Cornmeal Cookies, Chocolate Peppermint Cookies, and Almond Orange Rosemary Biscotti.  Finally, we cooked up a bunch of sweets and appetizers for our New Year’s party.  After all that, I was ready to spend a day getting some healthy food put up for the busy weeks that always follow the holidays.

So, when I put together my weekly menu last Sunday morning, I decided to include ingredients to make some tomato-zucchini soup.  Upon coming home from the grocery store, I realized how limited our refrigerator space was going to be due to the enormous amount of leftover beer from the New Year’s party.  So, I set upon cleaning out the refrigerator when I came across two half heads of cabbage that had to be used immediately or thrown out.  I considered it and remembered my good friend, Kimberly, had posted about some roasted cabbage soup she had made some time ago.  No doubt, that was what I needed.  At the time she made it, she was a vegetarian, so she called for veggie broth.  But, I knew I also had about 3 cups of beef broth that needed to be used as well, so I  turned my cabbage soup into cleaning out the refrigerator soup!

While my soups were cooking, I also roasted a sweet potato, peeled some chickpeas and made some killer sweet potato hummus.  I also put together a batch of Marsala Glazed Winter Vegetables.

There is nothing like a day in the kitchen when you need a little therapy!


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