Training Plan Optional?

I have never started training for a race without a plan, but last week, that is exactly what I did.  My spring race plans include running the Myrtle Beach Half with the girls from The Woo Hoo Crew and the Sole Sisters.  Then, in April, I’ll be running the Flying Pirate (for the 4th consecutive year) and Owl’s Roost Rumble on back to back weekends.  For 4 years, I have had either a plan designed for me by a running coach or I have used a plan based on Furman FIRST training.  This time around, I’ve been busy and I just haven’t really thought about a plan (other than when I’m out running).

If you have followed my posts on The Woo Hoo Crew blog, you will know that I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction back in September.  While I’m fully recovered from my surgery, I have realized that my physical fitness and running endurance were slowly worn down during the year and a half that I struggled with my breathing prior to the surgery. The time has come for some serious rebuilding in that area!

Considering all that, I’ve tried to come up with a basic plan to get me through the spring. And, while this plan may not get me any PRs, I’m hoping it can get me back to running the long distances without taking constant breaks!  Tuesday will be my speed work day.  I’ll either work in track work, fartleks, or hill repeats.  Thursday will be the day I focus on moderate distances (5-7 miles) but with ever-increasing interval times.  So, I did 5 miles at an 8:1 interval last week and this week should have been 6 miles with the same ratio. However, I got lazy with the incessant rain we had this week and didn’t get my extra runs in.  Saturdays will focus on running long.  I’m also planning to gradually increase my run:walk ratios on these runs, but I’ll be making those jumps more conservatively (between 15 and 30 seconds) depending on how the previous week’s long mileage went.  Last week I had a miserable 8 mile trail run with a 6:1 interval, so I will probably repeat that on the greenway.  Finally, Sundays I will run short with a focus on running for as long as I can, taking a break, and then running again, until I finish my mileage.  I’m kind of viewing this as my fitness test and am hoping to see some measurable growth in that area over the next 10 weeks – 12 weeks.

On top of my running workouts, I will mix in at least one spin class a week and two lifting workouts.  Body Pump is offered at noon on Thursdays by the gym right next to my office, so I will scoot over there as often as I can on my lunch break.  It will be a demanding schedule, but I think it is what I am going to have to do if I REALLY want to get my running mojo back!


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