When Things Don’t Go According to Plan…

I went into this past week knowing that the insanity would rival the previous week’s.  What I did not expect, however, was that the weather would throw such a wrench into my motivation and, therefore, my weekly plan.

I started off the week well by hitting a class with my favorite spin instructor on Monday evening.  I had to take a rest day on Tuesday, because Nathan had a composition recital.  We were there for hours from late Tuesday afternoon into the evening and ended up celebrating it’s completion with beer and pizza with a couple of friends at one of our favorite local spots, Sticks and Stones.  After a late evening followed by a busy day of work and cold rain, I decided that running wasn’t in the cards for me on Wednesday. I briefly contemplated doing some speed work on the treadmill, but that just did not sound like any fun, at all.  So, I went into Thursday looking forward to running with The Woo Hoo Crew following work.  However, as the cold rain continued, that motivation started to wane as well.  I really don’t mind running in the rain and I don’t mind running in the cold.  But, when you put those two together…  Let’s just say, I didn’t want to mess with it.  And, since I had planned to come home to change before meeting the group, I didn’t have all of my gear with me.  So, once again, I scrapped it.

Friday was my regularly scheduled rest day.  I thought about hitting the gym to make up one of the extra rest days, but it ended up snowing a couple of inches on Thursday and I was off work.  I ultimately decided on doing some organizing in our home office (it’s a constant work in progress) and met some folks I don’t get to see enough for lunch at a new African/Caribbean restaurant in town.  Once again, no workout.

The weekend was much more productive!  I kicked it off with an (almost) 10 mile run with a huge group on Saturday morning.  It was a super hilly route, but it felt great to get out there!  On Sunday, I did another of my short runs to build endurance.  I managed to run several minutes longer in my initial interval this week, and my overall pace improved by about 30 seconds! WOOHOO!  In the afternoon, I hit the CXWorx class with my good friend, Melanie, again.

With the workout schedule off, and because my work schedule this week kept me hopping as well, it wasn’t a great week for healthy eating.  I had my egg and turkey bacon several mornings, but on the morning Nathan had to leave early, I had some oatmeal with dried fruits and almonds.  On the snow day, I had some blood orange Chobani and a  banana. Here is what else I ate:

Monday lunch – Either soup of leftovers (I need to get better at tracking this  through the week.)
Monday dinner – Pick 2 at Panera with Creamy Tomato Soup and a Chicken Caesar Salad (I had a meeting at Panera.  I hoped for better soup options, but I’m a sucker for their tomato soup).
Tuesday lunch – Roasted Cabbage Soup
Tuesday dinner – Post-recital New York, New York pizza at Sticks and Stones with an amazing bourbon barrel aged imperial stout by Mother Earth
Wednesday lunch – Lunch Chicken Fajitas and black beans (I skipped the tortillas, but totally ate the guacamole and sour cream)
Wednesday dinner – Leftover Tuscan Baked Chicken and Beans
Thursday lunch – Tuna-Avocado Salad (Thanks, Mommy, Run Fast)
Thursday dinner – Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Sauce over egg noodles  and spinach salad
Friday lunch – Jerk Chicken at African Continental Cuisine
Friday dinner – Tempeh and Broccolini Stir Fry with brown rice instead of white rice

After our run on Saturday, we grabbed bagels at Bruegger’s and then held off until dinner for awesome sandwiches from a food truck in Durham called Porchetta.  We ate those with Working Man’s Lunch from Fullsteam Brewery.  More on our trip there to come later this week!

Sunday, we ran again and met up with the crew for pancakes at Tex & Shirley’s.  I haven’t had pancakes for quite a while, so I was psyched!  It was a late breakfast, so we grocery shopped for the week right away and each had a light snack in the afternoon.  After my workout, I came home to get cleaned up and we had Hoisin Salmon with Quinoa and Zucchini. I found the original recipe on Pinterest and we love including it in our meal rotation!  We polished that off with some Pretzel M&M’s and going to see Mama with a friend.

This week, I’m going to focus on getting back into a good routine (or at least, try to do that.)

Sending you good thoughts that the week ahead goes according to your plans!


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