More Than You Want to Know

WARNING: This post may contain mild references to things that happen when one is infected with norovirus.  Look away now if you don’t want to hear about that mess!

I was excited to kick off last week.  I was going into it well-prepared (or so I thought) and I felt like I was on a roll after having a fabulous run last Sunday.  Unfortunately, that was not what fate held in store for me.

We had been in bed between one and two hours on Sunday evening when Nathan woke me up and asked if I was feeling all right.  He wondered aloud if something we had eaten had maybe upset his stomach.  I told him I felt fine and rolled over to go back to sleep.  Not much later, he jumped out of bed and made his way to the bathroom for the first of many times that night.  I slept on and off through some of it, and continued to feel all right (and hoped it would stay that way).  Unfortunately, about the time our alarm went off at 5 AM, the stomach cramps I was having were undeniable and I made my first leap for the bathroom.

What ensued was a Monday of pure misery.  We barely moved from the bed except to go the bathroom or get ourselves drinks (must stay hydrated when sick on your stomach!)  I had spoken to my mom earlier in the day and she recommended some fresh ginger tea.  Fortunately, we had some in the house because I had intended to make a stir fry for dinner later in the week.  After a couple of failed attempts to get it together, I finally managed to stay out of bed and the bathroom long enough to get some made for us.

I’m not sure how quickly it worked for Nathan, but I almost immediately felt a relaxation in my stomach muscles!  By 5:30, neither of us had been sick for a couple of hours, so we split a banana (great anti-diarrheal properties) and I had a few saltines.  By now, we were both running fevers, so we had some Tylenol and retired for the evening with an old movie.

By Tuesday, Nathan was well enough to return to work, but I was stil running a fever and feeling extremely nauseated.  This time, I moved to the couch.  I tried a little more food, toast with honey and another banana, and proceeded to doze on and off through three movies.  For lunch, I cut up a potato and boiled it with just a small pat of butter and some salt.

The rest of the week’s eating was sporadic at best.  Sometimes, I felt I could eat normally, and other times, I couldn’t even begin to think about food.  Even as recently as yesterday, I was still having some stomach cramping.  We have some Greek yogurt in the refrigerator, so I’m going to incorporate that into my snacks for the next few days to try to get my stomach back into shape.

As you can probably guess, this kind of illness definitely takes a toll on the fitness routine.  Sunday morning I decided I was ready to try a run and met up with the group.  They had mapped an 11-miler, but knowing the route, I knew I could take several options to cut it short if I needed to do so.  I felt all right for the first couple of miles, but as I reached between 2.5 and 3 miles, the cold sweats, tunnel vision, and nausea set in.  I immediately quit running and made my way slowly back to our car where I laid down and rested until the rest of the group got back.  I’m going to try just a walk or getting on the bike at the gym tonight, and another short run tomorrow.

I’m hoping that I’ve seen the end of the norovirus around here and that I can get back into a good routine this week. I need it!


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