Boscia Oil-free Nightly Hydration

As a general rule, I’m pretty tough on the skin on my face.  I carry face wipes in my gym bag, but when you are out running or at the gym for multiple hours at a time, all of the salt from the sweat on your face takes its toll.  Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for a good moisturizer.

Way back in September, I received a tube of boscia Oil-free Nightly Hydration in my Birchbox. With almost nightly use for several months, my 0.5 fl oz. “sample” lasted quite some time.

Photo from Birchbox

Photo from Birchbox

First, the texture of this cream is super light.  In fact, I wasn’t sure it would be up to handling the dryness of my skin based on it being so light. The directions on Birchbox’s website say to use a nickel-size amount for application.  However, when using this cream, I found that I needed quite a small amount.  I owe this to the considerable lightness.

When applying the cream, my skin immediately felt different.  Lately, many moisturizers leave my skin with a slight stinging sensation.  However, that did not happen at all with the boscia cream.  My skin felt, for lack of a better word, plumper.  In addition, when I touched my face after applying the cream it felt like I still had to let the moisturizer soak in.  At first, I thought this meant I had used too much of the cream, but I realized after a couple of uses that feeling fades after just a moment or two.  My guess is that it genuinely takes a moment for the skin to soak in all of that great moisture.

After a couple of weeks of use, I noticed that the texture of my skin was much improved. The plumper sensation I mentioned continued into daytime and the skin on my face felt much smoother as well.

I really love this night cream!  And, at $36 for a tube that is three times the size of the sample I received, I think it is a good value as well.  It’s definitely on my shopping list!

A few notes about boscia in general
I knew that the moisturizer I received was preservative-free, but I didn’t know anything else about the company it came from, so I decided to do some research.  On a first Google search, I immediately found that boscia is a Japanese company that is listed on PETA’s cruelty-free list.  I also found out that all of their products are free of not only preservatives, but also alcohol, fragrance, and color.

After a little more digging, I found out that boscia does whatever they can to use more natural ingredients. They in no way claim to be chemical free, but one of their claims to fame is in their research that found palmitoyl pentapeptide to be just as effective as retinol in skin treatment.  I’m no scientist, but my understanding of palmitoyl pentapeptide is that it is a compound of fatty acids that is easily able to penetrate skin and is an effective collagen booster.  I don’t see it listed on the ingredients list for the product I tried, but it is the active ingredient in several of their other products.

I  guess it is safe to say that now I’m eager to try some other boscia products!


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