Early Birthday Gifts

We’re heading out of town in the morning, so I decided to do just a little shopping tonight. I grabbed a new pair of black heels, since mine have been defunct for some time, and a couple of other toiletry items. But, while I was out I also remembered that I had a free birthday gift coming for being a Sephora Beauty Insider!

So, in the midst of my errands, I swung by there. I browsed for quite a while, coveting various items and checking out what kinds of BB cream they had available in the store. I grabbed some of their store brand hair ties that are much like the twistband I had received in my September Birchbox that I adore and a small bottle of some Sephora cleansing water. I also picked up samples of BB cream from Smashbox and Boscia (Sephora will fix up samples for you to try of almost any of the products they carry). I checked out and not only did they give me a mascara and highlighter sample from benefit, but they threw in a couple of lip balms as well! Not bad for a $15 trip!



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