Birthday Week Recap: Part I

It occurred to me as I was planning this post that it was going to be really long, so I decided to split it up into two installments.  (Just an FYI, so you know this post doesn’t describe the whole week.)

My week began pretty typically, except for the fact that I had been gone all weekend heading into the week.  Needless to say, that meant I started Monday with my routine completely off.  I had enough bits and pieces around the house to put together some lunch for myself. Thank goodness for all the soup I have stock-piled in the freezer and some leftover “veggie” chili from last week (all veggies except the cup of chicken stock we added to it.)  I was in a workshop all day, so that meant a lot of seat time.  I worked through lunch, so I slid out pretty quickly after the workshop finished and made it to a 4:15 BodyPump class.  After racing hard on Saturday, it was kind of a struggle to make it through the class, but I finally did and felt great.

Tuesday, I was in training again.  I tried to get up and walk around a little at various times, but it is always difficult to do that without feeling like you are being rude.  I stuck around during lunch again and helped the presenter (who is also a friend) get some things ready for the afternoon.  I didn’t get in a workout, but I made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some essentials to get me through the rest of the week and then went over to High Point University with Nathan for a concert featuring the various instrumental ensembles.  It was great fun!  After the concert, we went out for a quick bite to eat (and a drink) with some of the other faculty. I managed to keep my food choice to a salad, and had a couple of IPAs. The Virginia-Miami basketball was on, so we stuck around until that heartbreaker of a game was over.  That meant a LATE night!

By Wednesday, I was happy to have a day in the office!  I always get behind when I miss more than a day behind my desk, so I had plenty to keep me busy.  I had brought my lunch, but I made sure I left for a while to run errands and to get myself moving.  While I was out, I swung by my house and packed up my running gear.  Post-work, I managed to get in a good 6-mile run.  By the time I made it home, Nathan was here and we headed out for a bite to eat at our favorite Indian restaurant in town, Saffron. I had a great salmon tikka and Nathan had lamb vindaloo.  Of course, we also indulged in some naan.

Thursday was truly hectic.  I had meetings in the morning, an office birthday lunch for me and two of my co-workers (I managed to eat a salad and skip the pizza), and then I led a training session for teachers in the evening.  In the midst of all  that, we found out that our early morning flight for my birthday trip had been canceled and rescheduled for later in the day.  By the time that was all over, I was ready to head home.  But, because I knew I had a little extra time, I went shopping instead.  I managed to score a new pair of shoes, a bunch of goodies from Sephora, and some shampoo I have desperately needed for a while (but that is another story).  At 8, I was finally home.

I quickly got together the one load of laundry I knew needed to be washed, warmed up some (more) soup, and set about getting ready for our trip.  It is definitely challenging deciding what to pack for a trip when you don’t know your destination.  Nathan had given me a weather forecast and directions on when we would be doing casual things and when we would be doing things that required dressy attire.  I ended up settling on one black skirt with two different tops so I could wear the skirt twice, if needed, and two pairs of jeans with various sweaters.  For shoes, I wore black booties for traveling, but packed my new black heels and my Chucks.  Whenever I travel in the winter, I try to keep things in one color palette as much as I can. It really cuts down on the need to carry more shoe options.

With my thoughts organized about finishing up my packing in the morning and a head start on cleaning things up for our housesitter, I headed off to bed at a pretty reasonable hour.  I knew Friday was going to be a long day!



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