March 5 by the 5th

For this month’s 5 by the 5th, I decided to meet up with some of my girlfriends (including Melanie who is also participating in 5 by the 5th) for a much overdue trail run.  I’m lucky to live in Greensboro, because there a wide array of trails to choose from.  But, for this particular day, we chose to stick with an old favorite, the Owl’s Roost trail.  The trail itself is 4.2 miles, but once you come out on the other end of it, you have about a mile of greenway between you and the parking lot at Bur-Mil park where you park.  Yesterday was chilly, and none of us had a very strict schedule, so we decided to meet at the park and head out in the early afernoon.


I was also incredibly lucky because the ladies I met up with decided that since they didn’t have any real goals for the run that they would stick with me. Love a run with good company!!!  We did 8:1 run/walk intervals for most of the run.  I will say that I have not been running nearly enough trails lately, so after about 3 miles, my legs got really tired and we had to walk just a little more.  By the time we came back onto the greenway, I was pretty done.  We walked a few tenths of a mile and than ran slowly back to where we were parked.  We finished our five miles in 1:03:47.

About the time we got to the parking lot, another friend was just finishing up her run, so we decided to grab a post run beer. Several appetizers, a couple of rounds of drinks, 2 servers, one round of dessert later, we realized we had been at our recovery hangout for about 5 hours.  Why not continue the fun with a 2nd round of dessert at one of the local frozen yogurt spots.  What started out as a good afternoon, finished as a great Saturday with some of my favorite people!

Always good fun!


2 thoughts on “March 5 by the 5th

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  2. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    How perfect to run it with a friend, and then finish with quality time hanging out! Great job on the 5 miles!


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