Short and Sweet

Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to doing more freelance work and building up a base of people who call on me for curriculum writing, product creation, and professional development.  But, to get that base built, you have to take the work when the calls come.  So, for the last week, that means I’ve been giving up my blog time for reading and writing.  Hence, a weekly recap that while a day late, will still be super short regular length because that’s the way I’m rolling these days once I started typing, it just came out that way.

I started last week in Durham at a conference on Response to Intervention.  I knew it was going to be a sales pitch, as it was sponsored by and completely paid for by one of the companies that create reading and math programs and assessments for schools.  Still, I knew there were going to be some sessions from which I would learn a great deal.  The conference really didn’t disappoint.  I walked away with a lot of knowledge about upcoming assessments as schools continue the shift to Common Core.  On top of that, I got to spend some time with a former colleague that I haven’t seen in ages and got to know a new colleague much better.  I brought workout clothes with me with the intention of finding some time to hit the hotel gym, but with a late Monday evening session and another one early on Tuesday morning, that just didn’t happen.

Tuesday night was rainy, so Nathan and I hit the treadmill at the Y.  As always, I love running “with” Nathan (even if that just means running side by side on the treadmill).  This was a “push run” so I kept the treadmill at a 0% grade and ran 9:1 run/walk intervals at a 9:30 pace.  It was tough, but I managed to keep it up the whole time!

Wednesday through Friday flew by.  On Wednesday morning, we had every intention of getting up and going to spin, but when we woke, we quickly realized we were both too exhausted for that.  So we went about our normal routine, but by the end of the day, I was feeling pretty run down, so even though I had packed a gym bag, I headed home.  I spent the evening cooking and we enjoyed a quiet evening.  I think we have both just been going at full throttle so much, that kind of night was much needed. Thursday evening, we met up with our running group and did a few hill repeats (WOOHOO!!!).  We planned ahead and brought a change of clothes so we could go meet up with a good friend after that to celebrate her new job at Village Tavern.  Friday brought another quiet evening, as we streamed a movie and ate leftover pork tenderloin and Brussels sprouts in preparation for our Saturday long run.

Saturday, Mel J. from The Woo Hoo Crew met up with another group of local runners to do the first part of our 12 mile run.  We followed their route for part of the time, and then tagged on part of the Lake Daniel Greenway so we could meet up with the rest of the Woo Hoos for breakfast.  For me, it was an exhausting run.  I fell and scraped up my knee pretty well in the first half mile.  But, as always, I bounced right up and kept on moving.  By about 5 miles in, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the whole 12 and ended up trimming off the last mile.  My body was exhausted.

Other than sushi and a movie on Saturday night, the rest of my weekend was spent finishing up the freelance project I was given at the end of last week.  I sent it off before bed on Sunday night and by lunchtime on Monday had an email from the company asking if I could take on something else.  Guess I know what I’m spending my extra time on this week!


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