Catching Up

Last week was exhausting!  We had various commitments during the week in the evenings and I really wasn’t feeling well again, so there was very little going on in the way of running.  On Friday, I finally succumbed and went to the after hours clinic for my doctor’s office.  They confirmed what I suspected–another sinus infection.  So, I’m back on Augmentin in the hopes that I will be completely well by Flying Pirate weekend, April 13-14.

It’s a good thing too.  My legs have felt super heavy at the end of my last two long runs and that is about how long ago I started feeling badly.  Since I didn’t run on Tuesday/Thursday last week, Nathan and I went out for a few miles on Friday afternoon.  It was just supposed to be an easy 4-miler, but after 3 miles, I was hacking and couldn’t catch my breath.  I did a little walking a tried again, but my body was definitely done, so I ended up walking almost the entire last mile.  At least I got out there!

On Saturday, we went to a super fun cookout and I felt pretty well, until all of a sudden, I didn’t.  My legs started aching, my head started pounding, and I got really tired, really fast.  We headed home and I crashed pretty much straightaway and stayed in bed almost all of Sunday (except to eat.)  Thank goodness, by yesterday (day 4 of antibiotics) my energy was back and I was able to get a good bit of cleaning/organizing done around the house.  I also finished up my latest freelance project.  I’m really glad I considered taking the day off up front.  It made my life a lot easier and the week ahead will go a lot more smoothly.

Speaking of the week ahead, I’m really excited about my first VoxBox from Influenster!  I received it over a week ago, but I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to dive in.  I’m making trying everything in the box a priority, so I’ll be posting about my experiences with all of the products at the week’s end. I’m really excited about the chance to try the goodies!



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