VegWeek Day 1

20130423-055219Day 1 of my VegWeek challenge is complete!  Lots of great vegetarian food throughout the day!  For breakfast, Nathan made us a veggie scramble.  We had some Morningstar Farms sausage links in the freezer, so he cooked a few of those to throw in as well.  Neither of us were huge fans, so next time he makes this, it will probably be veggies only.  He topped the scramble with just a pinch of grated parm and we split a grapefruit for the side.

I took some plain Greek yogurt to work for my snack, but there was a leftover cheese tray brought to our office, so I had some cheese with a banana for my snack.  Lunch was a portion of split pea soup I pulled out of the freezer and some blueberries.  My afternoon snack (not pictured) was an ounce of raw almonds and a small apple.  For dinner, Nathan marinated some tempeh and grilled it for tacos.  We put cabbage, avocado, and some Greek yogurt that had lime juice and lime zest added to it on our tacos.  We had a side of black beans.  Nathan heated them with some fresh jalapeno, corn, lime juice, and just a little medium Green Mountain Gringo salsa.

What a great day of eats!


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