Apparently, I’m a Slob

I am super excited to announce that I’ve been much more disciplined about my exercise for the last 10 days. I have even started working on getting some strength training back into my rotation.  We will just forget that last Thursday happened. (I mean, it was after dark, cold, and raining. Who wants to even run on the treadmill when that’s happening?)

In other news, now that I’m getting back on track in that area, I’m taking a look around our house and have realized that we are living in some pretty nasty filth.  I’m not talking about when you go into somebody’s house and there is a stack of a few magazines on the table and they say “Oh, I’m so sorry the house is such a wreck” kind of mess.  I mean, piles upon piles of magazines, clothes, recipes, junk mail. You name it, I have at least one, and possibly more piles for it. And, while I’ve always kind of lived my life out of various piles, this feels out of control even for me. I’m talking about I won’t walk around the house barefoot kind of mess.

The house has not always been this way. Sure, there have been some times when a few weeks have gotten by without a good cleaning, but we have now reached a few months without a proper cleaning and no free days are in sight for us to really devote to doing it. (Besides which, if we did have a free weekend, it would be spent raking and bagging the waist-high leaves that are all over our yard.)

This all has led me to do some thinking about how to get back on track when I don’t really have time to devote to doing it all at once.  I started with internet searches for “weekly cleaning schedules” thinking that if I could do a little something each day, it would take some time, but eventually, things would get back on track.  Unfortunately, when I started poking around, I found things like this. I give mad credit to this woman! I don’t have kids to keep up with and I know there is no way I could keep up with this cleaning schedule.

Knowing my limitations (and laziness), I started searching more along the lines of “simple weekly cleaning schedule” and came up with some great resources from a couple of blogs like She Makes a HomeLittle Green Notebook, and Tips and Pix.  I liked those, but wanted to dig a little deeper, so I went to every woman’s best friend for cool ideas, Pinterest, and found a couple more like this and this. (Side note: I would quote the source of these schedules if I could, but whoever pinned them wasn’t cool enough to go back to the original source and I couldn’t hunt either down).

Armed with these schedules, I started thinking about what would really work for us. One thing that I wasn’t crazy about with all of these schedules is that the felt constraining in that you had specific tasks that had to be done on specific days.  What’s the back-up plan if you miss a day because of other commitments?  I felt like I needed more flexibility, so instead, I created a Chores List that took care of some of the big stuff and just put a date at the top as the start date for that list.  The goal is to have everything done before the next start date on the calendar, but I’m sure it is going to take a few weeks, or even a month, to get to the point where I feel like I’m not starting from scratch with each chore and can get through absolutely every thing every week.

I have also set some daily goals for myself. They are pretty simple things like making the bed each morning, doing a load of laundry each day (put it in before work, dry and fold after work), and making sure all of the dishes are clean or in the dishwasher each morning and evening (okay, this one is really Nathan’s doing).  We are 3 days into the week and we’re keeping up with that stuff pretty well, so we’ll just have to wait to see how the rest goes!



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