2014 Reboost – Week 1

All of this thinking about accountability and getting motivated to get back on track with my physical fitness has worked!  At least, it worked last week.  I was really good with my eating habits (until the weekend) and was able to get in some form of exercise every day last week.  Here’s how it went:

  • Monday – Crossfit Foundations Class #2
  • Tuesday – 3 mile treadmill run
  • Wednesday – 3 mile outdoor run
  • Thursday – Crossfit Foundations Class #3 (last one!)
  • Friday – Yoga (Deep Release for Hips and Lower Back)
  • Saturday – 60 minute spin class
  • Sunday – 5 mile outdoor run

My plan is going to be to hit Crossfit on Mondays and Wednesdays for the next month, and then decide if I want to keep it up.  I switched it up last week, because my arms were still really sore on Wednesday from my Monday workout. Listen to your body, right?

I’m keeping my running mileage way down over the next month while I recover from plantar fasciitis.  My foot felt good most of the week, but got achy at about mile 4 in my Sunday run.

My weekend eating habits suffered because I spent most of the weekend working on a freelance project. And, when I sit all day typing and thinking, I munch.  I manage to not do it most of the week at work, so I need to focus on that this coming weekend (which will be full of 3 days of sitting and typing and thinking all day long).

All in all, it wasn’t a bad week.  I managed to lose 1 pound and I feel more motivated than ever to keep this up!


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