Weekly Recap – End of February

“I’m going to get back on track this week.”  

I say these words to myself each week and then I struggle.  I’ve decided I need to stop adding “this week” to the end of this sentence.  After months of pain in my foot and a freelance project that left me sleeping only 3-4 hours a night for a couple of months, it is going to take a whole lot longer than that to feel like I’m completely back on track.  I’ve just decided to start taking it in little steps.

1) Fitness: I had one week about 6 weeks ago when I killed it. I worked out every day and I felt great! But I couldn’t keep up with that pace because of everything else that was happening in my life and because my foot hurt for 3 days after that week.  I’ve been cleared by the doctor to start increasing my mileage, so I started adding 2 miles per week about 3 weeks ago. This week I did 4 miles on both Tuesday and Thursday and 6 miles this weekend.  I also threw in a yoga class that I have never done before (more on that another time) and a spin class.  My foot is feeling a little tender, but not like the pain I was having before.  This coming week, my plan is to start adding 2-3 days per week of short core workouts.

2) Diet:  For the most part, I do great with this until I don’t.  And the time when I don’t tends to be between 3 and 4 PM each afternoon at work.  One day it’s tortilla chips and another it’s Hershey’s Kisses.  We are cooking at home much more often again and that has been great! This week, my focus is going to be on stopping that junk food snacking that tends to happen in the afternoons.

3) The house: I can’t even begin to describe the level of the mess.  I’m just trying to take it one small area at a time.  Last week, I focused on getting some of the leaves picked up that accumulated during the winter.  I still need to do that for about half of the yard, but I got a great start last week by bagging up 8 bags of leaves and filling our two yard trash cans with fallen sticks and branches.  This week, I’m focusing on taking care of the accumulated “paper trash” around the house.  Next week, I’ll be catching up on laundry and having another go at the yard (weather permitting)

4) Freelance Work:  Fortunately, I don’t have any other big projects on my plate right now, so I’m focusing on increasing my presence on Teachers Pay Teachers, a website that allows teachers to sell items they have created to other teachers.  I only have a few products on the site right now, but I have a long and ever-growing list of ideas.  I’ll be posting about new items as they go up on the site, so be on the lookout for that if you are interested!  Over the next few days I’ll be posting writing about reading bookmarks for 6-8.  I already have one for 5th grade, and I plan to create one for 4th grade as well.

So things are falling into place, and I feel pretty good about it!  My new mantra: Bit by bit, I’m getting back on track.


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