Raise Your Arms

I’m so excited that I was selected to receive a complimentary sample of Dove Advanced Care Deodorant through my membership with Influenster.

I’m already a loyal customer of Dove deodorant. I’ve been using their clinical strength variety for years because, especially in the summer months, I sweat like a beast.  I have to admit that I was skeptical when receiving Dove Advanced Care because of my sweat issue.  I thought it might be all right for regular day time activities, but when I hit the gym hard or went for a long run, I wasn’t sure how it would hold up. I’m happy to report, that after two weeks of use, I haven’t had any issues!

This deodorant is billed as being soothing to the skin.  It contains their trade-marked NutriumMoisture and is supposed to soothe your pits so you don’t end up with red, irritated skin even with daily (or twice daily) shaving.  I don’t have a lot of trouble with irritated skin from shaving, so I don’t know if this made a big difference for me.  But, as a smooth stick-style deodorant it goes on beautifully and feels good to wear.  It also doesn’t leave the white marks on my skin that I sometimes get when I apply the clinical strength deodorant.

To me, this is a good, solid deodorant.  Nothing about it absolutely blew me away, but if you are someone who ends up with armpit irritation from daily shaving, I would definitely give it a shot.  It seems to run close the $5.00 range at Target, which is a couple of dollars less than the Dove Clinical Strength that I usually buy.  It is also available from Amazon, but it costs $7.00, and will only be shipped as an Add-On item.  I’ll be sticking with it for now, but make sure I have some of my old standby in the house for when the weather finally starts to warm up!


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