Mid-Week Check: Afternoon Snack Attack Edition

So, to keep myself accountable, I’ve decided to that blogging mid-week would be a good first step.  Just to review, my small goals for this week were:

1) Add in 2-3 days per week of short core workouts.
2) Stop junk food snacking that tends to happen in the afternoons.
3) Catch up on laundry and spend a few hours on yardwork.
4) Post my Writing in Response to Reading Bookmarks for 6-8 on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I feel pretty good about what I’ve done thus far.  I’ve only put in one core workout so far this week, but I’ll definitely do one after my weekend run, so that will put me at two for the week.  I only have about 1-2 loads of laundry left for the week.  I’ve been doing 2 loads a day plus I got all of our accumulated clean laundry put away yesterday.  The weather for yardwork this weekend is not looking very promising (seriously?! More freezing rain?!), but hopefully by Sunday afternoon things will have dried out enough for me to do a little bit.  If not, I’ll look for a cleaning project in the house that will take a couple of hours and take care of that.  I’ve also posted my bookmarks on Teachers Pay Teachers and I’m working on developing Teacher Guides for each grade level now.  You can check out all of my Teachers Pay Teachers products by visiting my store.

photoNow, for the snacking thing… I’m not completely there, but I’m thinking about it.  When we did our grocery shopping this week, I decided I needed to stock up some healthier snacks to have around for when I ABSOLUTELY have to have something.  I ended up with baby carrots and some low-fat string cheese.  I portioned them out and packed enough in my lunch bag for the week.  We’re lucky to have a little fridge in our office, so I stashed them in there. Monday, we left early for winter weather. I was home and managed to keep things under control (okay, I ate a piece of string cheese). Tuesday, I was bored, I was tired, I ate my healthy snacks and then split a bag of microwave popcorn (absolutely horrible option) with my coworker.  Yesterday, we had a late afternoon meeting. I was busy prepping for our meeting with principals this morning and I totally didn’t have a craving at all.  So no extra snacking, not even with my healthy options!  Woo Hoo!!!

I’m not completely happy with my alternative snack options.  I want to look at some other protein options besides the cheese, but I’m looking for easy, with a reasonable shelf life, and won’t wreck my daily nutrition plan.  The cheese fit the bill there, but I think there have to be some better options nutritionally.  I have enough of it to last me a couple of weeks (especially if I don’t eat one every day), so let me know if you have any ideas!


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