I don’t know about you, but curveballs come at me from every direction, every day of my life. Most of the time, I’m able to make some minor adjustments and swing away.  But sometimes, I have to completely change direction to get out of the way.

As of my mid-week update last week, everything was going great!  All four of my goals for the week were on track for getting done and I was feeling good.  Fast forward to Friday morning.

For those that don’t know, the area that I live in had a pretty significant ice storm overnight Thursday and into Friday. On Friday morning, I drove Nathan to the airport for a trip to Kansas. It was an ugly drive.  A trip that is usually less than 30 minutes round trip, took over an hour. At 5 AM.  The ice was coming down hard and fast.  By the time I was home, I had a message that my office would run on a two-hour delay.  I fixed myself a cup of coffee, worked on some writing, and just as Nathan was calling me to let me know that their plane was still at the airport and wouldn’t be leaving for a while, the power went out. And came back on. And then went out again, and stayed out.  I walked around unplugging our electronics and got on the phone to Duke Power, but stayed calm.  Just a little outage…that ended up lasting over 50 hours.

Nathan ended up coming home from the airport a couple of hours later. For most of Friday and Saturday, we camped out at our favorite coffee shop, The Green Bean, which gave us access to power and internet so we were able to both work and stay warm. We put a down comforter on the bed so we could stay warm while we slept. And we got through it. We were so thankful when the power came back on early Sunday afternoon (about 20,000 were still without it as of Monday night). Unfortunately, when the power came back on, our heat did not. We spent one more night without it, but it got repaired yesterday and things are almost back to normal.

So, here is how the rest of the week panned out:

  • Wednesday – Body Pump – I think I overdid the weights, because my shoulder was really sore after this class.
  • Thursday – Walked out of work dressed in my super warm clothes and ready to run only to find sleet (which wasn’t supposed to start until 3 hours later) hitting my face.  I didn’t have indoor running clothes with me, so I came home to help Nathan pack and we turned it into a “weekend date night” at our favorite place for good beer and pizza.
  • Friday – Skipped yoga, not because of the icy roads, but because my shoulder was still bothering me.  Drank some IPA for a friend’s birthday instead.1796690_10152133084969300_2032752795_n
  • Saturday – It was still too icy and messy out for a run and my ability for a hot shower was limited, so we had a bloody mary breakfast with some friends and worked at the coffee shop all day. I did burgers and beers with the girls for dinner (that part went as originally planned).
  • Sunday – 7 mile run with the Woo Hoo Crew.  That part went just as planned.  We showered at a friend’s house and came back to find our power had been on about 30 minutes.

So, for this week my goals are:

  1. The house and yard – I will get caught back up with the laundry (since I was almost there and then didn’t have power for 3 days) and I really want to clean the kitchen from top to bottom. There is a ton of storm clean-up. I started yesterday, but that is technically for this week’s update, you will have to wait to hear about that.
  2. The diet – Afternoon snacking is going to continue to be the thing I’m focusing on until I feel I have it well under control.  I also need to restock a bunch of my “cold” snacks after we purged the fridge from the power outage.
  3. Fitness – 2 times of core this week (I only did once last week).  I’m going to be running a total of 19 miles this week.  I was supposed to bump up by 2 miles, but since I missed my Thursday run last week, I’m only bumping up by a mile.  So I’ll run 4 today, 5 on Thursday, and 8 on Saturday.  I’m also looking forward to adding a fourth run in each week starting next week!
  4. Work outside of Work – I have almost finished my first Teachers’ Guide for the Writing About Reading Bookmarks. I just have to finish my scaffolding guide and the cover art.  I would love to have 2 of those posted by the end of the week, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m also planning on pursuing a couple of leads for more general writing to see where that takes me.

So there you have it, my crazy week in review!


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