Mid-Week Check: Little Progress

I totally thought about skipping this week’s mid-week check because I haven’t really gotten very far with this week’s goals.

I will make it a point to do some core work after my run tonight and again on Sunday. (If I stick with this plan, that will give me 2 times for the week.)

I had two cookies yesterday.

Laundry is almost under control. Just one or two loads that need washing and a basket of towels to fold.

I had to take Monday off to wait for the HVAC guy to fix our heater, so I got a lot of yard work done.  I’m hoping the weather is nice enough on Sunday to put in a little more time on that.

And, I’ve sent a proposal off for a series of articles on instructional strategies.  I’m not sure it will go anywhere, but I have to start somewhere, right?  The Teacher’s Guide has been on my mind, but I’m at a kind of involved/heavy-thinking step, so I’m waiting until the weekend rolls around to work on that. I need some extended time to sit and think through it all.

For the afternoon snacking…I might have had a cookie the last two days, but in the past, one would have turned into four. This time, it didn’t.  And, I’m going to do my mighty best not to get into those cookies today!  I have a 4:00 meeting I’ll be prepping for, so that should help a little.

Well, I thought I had done horribly so far this week, but upon typing all of that out, it really doesn’t look like I’m in too bad of shape.  I haven’t had as many workouts as I wanted to this week, but considering the load I was handing myself at the beginning of the week, I have to say I’m pretty happy with the week thus far!


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