Weekly Recap: Cramming It All In

What a super busy, but fun week! I didn’t do much extra on top of my running, but I managed to get in all of my runs despite being on the go all weekend.

I mentioned that I needed to adjust my running schedule for the week. I ended up running Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. My weekly mileage isn’t quite up to 20 yet, but for the last few weeks, I’ve only been adding a mile on to my long run, not my weekday runs. That means that this week I ran 4 miles Tuesday, 5 miles Wednesday, and 9 miles on Friday. I’m really excited that I’m running these miles pain free, but my legs were dead by the time I was finished with about 2/3 of my long run this week. Based on that and the fact that we are going to be spending Saturday hiking, I am thinking I might do four 4-5 mile runs this week. It will add a little variety to the week and will still up my overall mileage (especially once I tack on the hiking mileage).

In other news…I feel like I finally have my afternoon snacking under control (for the most part). Having the healthy extra snacks on hand in case I need them has been a great strategy, but I still haven’t looked into any other ideas as an alternative to the cheese.  I may make some hummus this coming weekend…

The house and sidework took a backseat to travel and fun this weekend.  We kicked it off on Friday evening. Nathan’s percussion ensemble at HPU performed for an event at the school and then he and I headed off to Chapel Hill to spend the night so we could be close to the start of the race he ran Saturday morning. We were upbright and early to get him to the starting line.  I got to catch up with my old personal trainer a bit, Nathan saw an old friend from high school, and we both got to catch up with Nan from our 12athon days.  I got to play the role of spectator, so I drove out to several points along the 15.5 mile course to cheer on Nathan before meeting him at the finish line. The after-party was a good time as well.  We got to try a couple of beers from White Street Brewing Company–Hoptimist IPA and Black Falls–that we had never tasted before and enjoyed both. Then, we hit Bull City Burger and Brewery for lunch before heading back to Greensboro.

20140325-072414.jpgAfter a quick power nap, we were both up and back out the door for N
athan’s percussion ensemble’s spring concert.  The kids did a great job.  It is amazing to see how far they have come since Nathan started working with them!  We stopped by to see a couple of friends for a nightcap before we headed home, exhausted.

We took the chance to sleep in a little on Sunday, but then we hopped in the car and headed up the interstate to Charleston, WV.  We got checked into our hotel and then headed out to a local chain called Pies & Pints for beers and pizza.  Their Cuban Pork Pie. Yes.  I wouldn’t actually call it Cuban, but it was tasty, as was their twist on a Thai Shrimp pizza. We sampled a couple of beers from Charleston Brewing Company–Citra Ob-session and The Raj–with the pizza and before the show. The beers weren’t bad, but they didn’t blow my mind.

After a good meal and a nap, we were off to see Aoife O’Donovan and Punch Brothers in concert. What a great show!  The definite highlight was seeing Aoife come back on stage during Punch Brothers set to perform “Here and Heaven.”  After the show, we headed back to the hotel to watch the end of the UVA basketball game and hit the hay for an early morning trip back to Greensboro.

20140325-072402.jpgThe weekend was jam-packed, but we managed to get everything in and have a great time as well!


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