WIAW: No Groceries

We are Sunday shoppers. We try to get everything we need for the upcoming week so we don’t have to think about or take the time to deal with it during the week. This works well much of the time.  However, when we are traveling over the weekend or otherwise engaged, it throws a kink in the rest of the week.

We were out of eggs for our usual breakfast, so I cooked up some oatmeal with dried cherries, raisins, honey, and sliced almonds.  My morning snack was my normal yogurt and banana (although as the last banana of the week, this one looked a little worse for the wear.)  Lunch was my last frozen container of split pea soup with a piece of low-fat string cheese and strawberries.  Afternoon snack was baby carrots, almonds, and grapes.  Dinner was leftover sweet potato and red pepper pasta.  We felt like we needed a little extra protein after running, so Nathan cooked up a couple of over medium eggs for the top of the pasta. The runny yolky goodness was kind of awesome with the pasta.  Unfortunately, we were out of chocolate, so we had to skip dessert.


I think I need to take my lunch break today to hit the grocery store and do some stocking up! On another note, this is actually my second consecutive WIAW post!  I’m pretty psyched about that. How long does it take before this becomes a habit?


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