Weekly Recap: Exhaustion Edition

Ever have one of those days when you are just tired? You have trouble waking up in the morning; you move through the day in a fog; and you are ready to get back in bed far before your normal bedtime? I feel like I’ve been like that for a week now.  At first, I thought I was getting sick.  I’ve had my normal congestion, but I also had a bit of a sore throat.  My legs felt tired on my runs (especially at the beginning of last week).  It’s just been a challenging week.

So, instead of getting up in the mornings to blog, I added some more sleep into my schedule. That means that this week’s recap is really a 2 for one special!  It’s been a fun-filled couple of weeks, so I’m just hitting the highlights here…

Week of March 24 – 30

We got back from our concert in West Virginia about lunch time on Monday so we could both put in the afternoon at work. My original plan was to do 4 shorter runs during the week, but my schedule being what it was, and my foot feeling how it felt, I decided to only run 3 times (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday).  I kept my mileage low for all of these runs to give myself a little bit of a recovery week.  I also went to a cycle strength class on Wednesday night.  I cross-trained a little more on Saturday on a soggy, splashy, puddle-filled in the rain hike outside of Blowing Rock with a bunch of friends to celebrate Melanie’s 40th birthday.  That was definitely the highlight of the weekend!

Post-hike friends and sogginess.

Post-hike friends and sogginess

Week of March 31 – April 6

The tired week.  Looking back, maybe I just tried to cram too much in and this is my body telling me to slow down a bit.  I slept more, but otherwise, didn’t really listen.  I hit Body Pump on Monday night and ran on Tuesday.  My Tuesday run was pretty miserable. After the first mile, I was struggling to breathe and my legs felt like jelly.  I powered through 4 miles with a lot of walking, but my philosophy when I’m following a training plan is to just make sure I put the miles on my legs.  I followed it up with a little core work.

The tiredness really caught up with me by Wednesday and Thursday. I came home and slept on Wednesday.  I didn’t even eat dinner.  I had intentions of running on Thursday, but we really wanted to go to the All-County Band concert and I couldn’t squeeze one in between work and that, so I decided to forego.  Friday, I followed up with more sleep. 🙂  Mel convinced me to join her for another Body Pump class on Saturday (which put me at 3 core workouts for the week) and then I put 10 miles on my legs on Sunday.

I was really psyched about getting my long runs back up to double-digits!  Between wedding planning in the fall and being injured during the winter, I realized I haven’t done a 10 mile training run since mid-September.  I felt really good during the first 6 miles, but when I reached my turnaround point at 6 miles and started back up the hill I had just come down, the stupid nausea started.  I made it through about another mile and a half by adding just a little more walking, but by the time I hit 7 1/2 miles, my body was done.  I was having weird little spasms in my IT band and my foot was hurting.  I know the foot hurt because I stopped to meet up with the group after my first two miles and it always hurts after I stop running.  I just stayed still for too long. Lesson learned!

Reflecting on that run, I think I’m going to stick with 10 miles for my long runs for the next two weeks.  Flying Pirate is May 4, so I can do 2 more 10 mile runs and one shorter long run for taper before that.  I’m going to be working on my training plan for the next few weeks over the next day or two and will post it when I finish. It’s all about accountability!


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