Weekly Recap: One RAD Week

If you caught my post late last week, you know I got the all clear to proceed with regular training. WOOHOO!!!

But even without that news, I had a great week! I traveled Monday-Wednesday this week, and I had every intention of getting in some cross-training, but timing being what it was, that just didn’t happen.  I brought some workout equipment and was going to try to get in some exercise then, but my roomie for the trip was sleeping when it was time to do that, so I woke up and went to a completely awesome little coffee shop to work instead.  That being said, on Tuesday evening, I got to run a new-to-me greenway with a former coworker. It runs right along the Catawba River in Morganton, NC.  My old colleague’s new job takes her to Morganton fairly regularly and she said it is one of her all time favorite routes. It was gorgeous!

On Thursday, Nathan and I had to be in High Point for a late afternoon recital, so I threw our running clothes in my duffel bag and we headed to Gibson Park when it was over to jump on that section of the Bicentennial Greenway. We knew this route would be no joke because we’ve walked dogs out there before.  We ended up running about 4 miles out and back over some pretty steep hills.  But, we kept a good pace (for me anyway) and had fun just being together for a run.

Friday was a rest day. I was off of work and thought about heading to the gym for a class, but I ended up sleeping in a little and doing some housework.  I had appointments and errands to run during the afternoon, so I just focused on getting some more stuff at the house in order.

Saturday was amazing! A couple of weeks ago, we decided to do the Color Me Rad with a friend who is still fairly new to running.  We awoke to 50 degree rainy weather, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. We met up with Hannah and camped out in the car until about 15 minutes until the start.  Fortunately, the rain had essentially quit by the time the race started, but the dampness in the air and in our shirts made the color stick really well!  I had been worried about how the colored powders would affect my asthma, but it really ended up being a non-issue. We wrapped up our morning with bloody marys and breakfast.

20140421-062325.jpgAfter three pretty solid runs already under my belt for the week, I really wasn’t sure how Sunday’s 10-miler was going to go.  My quads were still a little tender from the hills on Thursday’s run, so I decided to just proceed with caution.  I made sure I took fluid and nutrition throughout the run and ended up with one of my best runs of the training season.  After about 9.5 miles, I found Nathan waiting for me and my legs were super-tired, so I walked it in from that point. Even with that much walking, I came in almost a full minute under my previous time and I felt a whole lot better. Next week’s run will be shorter and then it is on to Flying Pirate!

After our run, we had a quick breakfast, got cleaned up and moved on to our weekly shopping trip.  I’m participating in the VegWeek Challenge this week and kicked off my week a day early so we loaded up our cart with produce!  I spent an hour or so in the kitchen when we got back prepping kale and onions for sweet potato toppings, making slow cooker split pea soup (recipe later this week), and sauteing bell peppers and onions to throw in with an egg to make veggie scrambles for breakfast this week.20140421-062524.jpgI feel pretty prepared for VegWeek now.  I’ll be posting what I’ve had each day, so here is what my Sunday looked like.

First Breakfast: Whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and honey
Mid-Run: Shot Bloks and G2 (not sure if Shot Bloks contain gelatin…I guess that is something I should check out)
Second Breakfast: Egg white and cheddar with sun dried tomato spread on an everything bagel and a half cinnamon-sugar bagel with light cream cheese, triple grande nonfat latte
“Lunch”: Red Mango tart yogurt topped with fresh strawberries and honey
Snack: a wine tasting, cheddar cheese, and strawberries
Dinner: Tempeh Tacos, a few squares of a Chocolove bar, and a Back in Black IPA


Last thing, I have a bunch of friends who will be running in Boston today!  Best of luck for a safe and swift journey for each of them!



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