Flying Pirate Recap

Pre-Race Picture

Pre-Race Picture

What a day!  I wasn’t at all sure how running this weekend was going to go this weekend, but it ended up being pretty great.

On Saturday, several of us ran the First Flight 5K. I stuck with Melanie and Nathan.  They said they were running they were letting me dictate the pace, but really, I just felt how they were running and stayed with them; when I needed to slow down, I told them I was slowing down.  Next thing I knew, we came into the finish over 2 1/2 minutes faster than my finish last year.  Needless to say, I was happy.

Sunday was a different story. I was super nervous going into the race. I had butterflies in my stomach such as I haven’t had since my first half. My quads were sore and this was probably psychosomatic, but my breathing was off the whole morning leading up to the start.  I started with my friends, Bonnie and Carole.  At the start, Bonnie took off! I tried to keep my pace steady and easy.  The first 3 miles passed quickly.  At about 3 1/2 miles, I caught up with Bonnie. Running with her for a while made the next couple of miles pass very pleasantly as well, though I could definitely tell I was pushing.  We split up again just before the 6 mile mark and I rolled through another two miles before I started to feel like I was really fading.  Leading up to the 8 mile mark, I decided to walk a little more. The longer walk break was just what I needed.  Although I had to walk a little more, reaching the 10 mile mark was fairly easy.

If you have ever run Flying Pirate, you know what happens after the 10 mile mark. If you haven’t run it before, let’s just say the last 3 miles of the run is not exactly what you would expect when you run a beach half.  I walked up most of the hills and ran back down, but I was spent.  Even running downhill by mile 12 was a feat.  Bonnie caught up with me, and then Carole.  I sent them ahead.  Although it is a slow time for me, I felt like if I finished in 2:45 I would have come a long way considering that as of mid-February, I had a 10 mile weekly running base and my “long” run was only 4 miles. I ended up with a finish time of 2:47:31.  Since that was closer to 2:45 than 3 hours, I was definitely happy!

After some celebrating at the Pirate Jamboree, we headed for our traditional post-race eating establishment, Mama Kwan’s. If you are ever on the Outer Banks and want some great fish tacos, Mama Kwan’s is the place to go.  Be sure to order a Bushwhacker to wash the whole thing down.  We spent some time by the pool after we got back to the house and had a super-early bedtime.  It’s been a great weekend!




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