What I Ate That You Can’t See…

It really doesn’t count if I didn’t take a picture of it, right? Because Tuesday was a day on which I ate, and then I ate, and then I ate some more. But What I Ate Wednesday is really about keeping track of absolutely everything you eat, right?

Breakfast: Over-medium egg with turkey bacon and half a grapefruit
First Morning Snack: Pretzels stuffed with peanut butter (these are my weakness lately)
Second Morning Snack: Honey Chobani and a banana
Lunch: Spinach Salad with lime & ginger grilled chicken (I’ll share this recipe soon), avocado, and grape tomatoes, dressed with a healthy squeeze of lime juice and a drizzle of olive oil and a side of grapes
Afternoon Snacks: Up first, two pieces of chocolate. Then, my regular snack of a couple of carrots, string cheese, and almonds. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop there, but instead reached for a piece of fruit leather.
Dinner: Blueberry-Mango Mahi Mahi and coconut brown rice*. That washed down perfectly with a Uinta Sum’r.  Dessert was 3 small squares of Chocolove’s Cherry and Almond Dark Chocolate Bar.

20140513-213006.jpg*Some notes on the coconut brown rice: I use brown basmati because that is typically what we have on hand. I found that when I prepared it the first time, I didn’t have enough liquid.  This time, I used 1 cup of light coconut milk and 1 cup of water.  I cooked the rice for 40 minutes. The consistency of the rice was perfect!



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