Revising Your Plan

It has to happen, and that is one of the things I absolutely love about creating my own plans.  I have the power and autonomy when something is off to make adjustments to my daily plan, and then I get to problem-solve how I’m going to adjust my plan to reflect what I need.

Let’s look at the last couple of weeks as an example.  You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the issue I’ve been having with soreness in my quadriceps. After my long run following that post, I decided that I needed to take be a little more conservative in my approach to increasing my mileage until they are back to feeling good.  I’ve been foam rolling before my runs and stretching really well after and I’m starting to feel a difference. I’m also due for new shoes, which I will hopefully pick up this weekend, so that should help as well.

On top of that, I wound up down with a massive headache for about 2 1/2 days last week. It started Monday night, so no workout then. Continued all day Tuesday and finally started breaking in the afternoon on Wednesday. I thought briefly about working out Wednesday night, but decided it was better to rest one more night and make sure it was completely gone. Thank goodness it was!

I also adjusted my training over the last week because of travel. It’s good to be flexible.  I got to explore downtown Pittsburgh on Saturday with a shorter run with my husband and then did my long run on Sunday morning along the GW Parkway in Alexandria. It’s a route I’m super familiar with, so it is good for a long run.

Finally, creating your own training plan allows for you to make adjustments when your friends start to throw crazy ideas at you, like starting a running streak.  So, I did it. I started (again).  I’m going along with the Runner’s World 40 day streak.


I’m staying out of the sweepstakes part, because I use Garmin Connect to track my runs and the sweepstakes requires you to use MapMyRun. After watching Melanie’s dedication over the last year, I thought 40 days was a good place to start! So far, I’m finished with 5 days and feeling good.  I streaked for a while last summer, too, but my summer work schedule ended up getting the best of me after a few weeks. We’ll see how it goes this year!

It also seems like the Facebook world has gone even more crazy than lately with the 30 day toning challenges lately. I think I’m doing one of the 30 day ab challenges for the month of June, but I have my eye on a couple of others as well.  Stay posted and I’ll let you know which one I decided on when I post my weekly recap on Monday.

Until then, happy running (and streaking)!



3 thoughts on “Revising Your Plan

  1. Michelle @ Running with Attitude

    I was thinking about doing one of the Ab challenges I saw on FB – always good to have a little extra boost of motivation! Enjoy your streaking 🙂


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