Weekly Recap: The Streak Begins

What a week! We kicked it off in Northern Virginia on Monday at the wedding of one of Nathan’s college roommates. We realized about halfway through the post-ceremony celebration that driving back to North Carolina that afternoon wouldn’t be the best idea we had ever had, so we ended up going back to my mom’s for an early bedtime and an even earlier rise so we could get back and go straight to work. Thankfully, we have flexible friends who were willing to come by and feed our cat until we made it back.

Coming back midweek means our normal Sunday grocery shopping trip doesn’t happen. That resulted in us spending the rest of the week eating out like we were still on vacation (at least for dinner).  We had some great food, but by Sunday night it was time to get back on track. Nathan grilled some chicken breasts with an ancho-tequila glaze.  He uses this recipe, but we made it with chicken breasts to give ourselves a slightly larger portion and to reduce the fat content.  We served with one of our favorite salads, spinach, fresh strawberries, and either bleu or goat cheese.  I like balsamic vinaigrette on mine!


Ancho-Tequila Glazed Chicken Breast with one of my favorite salads!

In terms of my weekly workouts, I can’t complain.  I put in at least a mile every day and my quads were all right with that. I’m still rolling before most runs and stretching a lot throughout the day.  I’m really enjoying the streak! Here’s how the whole week looked:

Monday – 8 mile run along the GW Parkway (making up my long run since it was still the weekend)
Tuesday – 2.6 miles; mostly walking after the first two miles
Wednesday – 1 mile run followed by one set of push-ups and planks
Thursday – 3 mile run
Friday – 1 mile run followed by one set of push-ups and planks
Saturday – 8 mile run at Salem Lake with a bunch of beautiful women
Sunday – 1 mile run followed by Day 1 of the June Abs Challenge

The women before our run at Salem Lake on Saturday

The women before our run at Salem Lake on Saturday

Unfortunately, Nathan was under the weather with a pretty nasty cough and some congestion from Wednesday on.  He still isn’t 100% and I’m getting a little tickle in my throat, so I’m thinking it’s best not to push myself too hard this week. I’m going to keep my two shorter runs right at 3 miles and my long run will probably be right around 8 miles again.  Cross your fingers for me that I manage to stay well!

If I make it through this week well and the soreness in my quads seems to be staying at bay, I’m going to start adding in a little more cross-training next week!




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