Using YouTube to Get Fit

When I’m looking for a quick workout at home, YouTube has become by spot for 10-minute workouts. For most of the workouts you just need a mat. Fortunately,  I also have some handweights, resistance bands, and a step at home. So generally, I have everything I need to do the workouts (note to self: might be time to invest in a medicine ball).

For a while last summer, I was getting up and doing a 10-minute abs workout several mornings per week on top of my regular workouts.  My favorite one I’ve found thus far is by XHIT Daily.  It contains 2 sets of 10 different exercises done for 30 seconds each (she talks, A LOT, but I kind of found her amusing).  Last summer, I tried to do this one at least once a week mixed in with some other core workouts.

Other times, I’ll partner 2 10-minute workouts together so I can warm-up, work on toning a couple of areas, and stretch. All of that takes about 30-40 minutes. Recently I did this with my favorite abs video and it was MUCH harder than I remember it.  I’m looking forward to giving the video another go after I finish this 30 day abs challenge!

Feel free to give this one a go!


Do you ever workout with YouTube? What are your favorite videos?


2 thoughts on “Using YouTube to Get Fit

  1. Caren

    I LOVE youtube for fitness videos!! I collect them in my account and especially love the yoga classes.


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