Weekly Recap: Sick

I’ve always kind of wonder how people handle a running streak when they are sick.  In the last week, I got to answer my own question.

I started feeling a little run-down last Monday and since my husband had been sick, I was pretty sure I was going to be the next to fall. By Tuesday, I was extremely tired and had a full-blown chest cough.  On Wednesday, the head congestion joined in. And, by Thursday, the fever came by for a visit.  Thankfully, I woke up on Friday fever-free and with more energy than I had all week. It faded quickly, but by Saturday I was in much better shape. I still have a lingering cough, especially in the evening, but overall I am MUCH better.

All of that said, I managed to get in a minimum of a 1 mile run and my abs challenge every day. My most interesting run was definitely the one I put in on Thursday while I was running a low-grade temp.  It made it kind of feel like their was a disconnect between what my mind and body. The whole thing was kind of a blur.

Here’s how the week broke down.

Monday: 1 mile run – Day 2 Abs Challenge
Tuesday: 1 mile run – Day 3 Abs Challenge
Wednesday: 1 mile run followed by 1.3 miles walking – Day 4 Abs Rest Day
Thursday: 1 mile run: Day 5 Abs Challenge
Friday: 1 mile run – Day 6 Abs Challenge
Saturday: 1 mile run, followed by 2 miles of run/walk and another 1.15 just walking
Sunday: 3 mile run at 7:1 intervals, yoga, and yardwork

Saturday’s long run was super fun! We met up with a bunch of our running friends from the Woo Hoo Crew and the Sole Sisters to run.  I wanted to run 8 this week, but I decided to stick with about 4.5 because I was still coughing lot.  When I got back to the car, nobody else had finished yet, so I walked almost another 3/4 of a mile before others started trickling in.  We followed up the run with breakfast and bloody marys at Sticks and Stones.  It was great fun!

All of the girls before the run on Saturday

All of the girls before the run on Saturday

On Sunday, Nathan had a bike ride planned, so while he did that, I got in my run, yoga, and yardwork.  We have a massive holly bush next to our mailbox that was in desperate need of trimming. It always ends up getting out of hand, so I decided to trim it so it was in more of a tree shape (it is also pretty tall). It looks kind of weird right now, but once I finish the other side of it, I think it will actually look pretty good.  My muscles just couldn’t take any more yesterday. Just as I was finishing, Nathan came home and made us a little cocktail before we got cleaned up and headed out for grocery shopping.  Mahi was on sale this week, so Nathan made fish tacos with homemade corn tortillas for dinner. YUM!

Fish tacos with Napa cabbage, cilantro, lime cream sauce, and fresh avocado

Fish tacos with Napa cabbage, cilantro, lime cream sauce, and fresh avocado

I’m really happy that I’m well and looking forward to a week of regular training! Day 15 of streaking, coming up today!




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