Hair, Get Out of My Face!

Some years ago, I developed these little baby hairs right around my face.  They make a clean ponytail impossible and they never seem to be more than a few inches long. These little hairs are completely annoying.

I’ve tried a variety of different kinds of elastic headbands to keep them out of my face, but nothing seems to work. I think my head is shaped such that any of the elastic bands just slide right up the back of my head until the whole thing is loose and falls off.  It’s either that or how fine my hair is. I’ve even lost a couple of them during a run this way. Frustrating. Who wants to worry about that kind of thing in the middle of a run?

So, back in January when I received an Under Armour Mini-Headband in my Birchbox, I didn’t think much of it.  But a couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning out and purging some of my Birchbox stuff and came across it again.  This time, I took a little closer look.

The Under Armour Mini-Headband is braided but lays flat. In addition, each strand of the braid is backed with silicon that is designed to grip.  I thought maybe that would be the key to keeping it in my hair.

under armour headband

When I decided to run three miles on Sunday morning, I decided it would be the perfect time to give it a chance. It definitely felt snug on my head, but it stayed flat, even in the back of my head.  After three miles, it felt like it hadn’t moved at all, so I left it on for 40 minutes of yoga. It stayed in place until savasana at the end of my workout. Of course, after laying down, my ponytail had to be readjusted as well.

After readjusting, I headed out to do a couple of hours of yardwork.  During a couple of hours of hard work, I realized that I had only readjusted it one other time.  Considering my hair was pretty soaked through with sweat by that point, I decided this product is a winner.  I’m interested to see how it will hold up on a long run!


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