WIAW: Leftovers for Lunch

We had a pretty amazing salad for dinner on Monday night. We like salad anyway, but during the warm months, a big salad for dinner happens at least once a week. Most of the time we’ll do something quick like grilled chicken or shrimp on a standard salad. Occasionally, we want something different and get a little more adventurous. Like this week.

Photo Jun 16, 7 27 13 PMI wanted something with a little more substance and wild salmon was on special at the store, so we had a salmon salad in a Niçoise style. We boiled some baby Yukon Gold potatoes, hard boiled a couple of eggs, and cooked some green beans just until crisp tender.  While all of that was chilling down to top the salad, Nathan got the salmon in the oven (rain meant no grilling even though that was the original plan) and I started building the salads.  We ate everything on a bed of spinach and baby argula. I added some chopped cucumber and red bell peppers to both of our plates and added a couple of slices of a nice tomato to mine. When the other stuff was cold, I sliced the potatoes and eggs and added those with the green beans to our plates. Nathan added the salmon to our plates when it was finished cooking and we drizzled some good quality olive oil and lemon juice over our plates with some kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. I finished my plate off with a few olives I had picked up from the olive bar this week. Needless to say, we really enjoyed it, but it was a lot of food. I ended up saving half of my salmon for lunch on Tuesday.

Which brings us to the part of this post that you have all been awaiting eagerly…

It’s What I Ate Wednesday time!  Thanks to Jenn for posting another link-up!


Morning: Breakfast was the typical over-medium egg with turkey bacon and half a grapefruit. And snack was the typical Chobani and a banana.  However, by 10:30, I was starving again, so I reached into my extra snack stash (I bought some protein bars hoping they will have some extra staying power) and had half of a Think Thin protein bar.

Afternoon: I put the rest of my salmon on another salad. This one had spinach, red bell pepper, half of an avocado, and the salmon. I dressed it with olive oil, lime juice, and salt/pepper.  I added on a side of red grapes with lunch (they have been tasty lately).  Later in the afternoon I had some celery/carrots, string cheese, and almonds. I managed to stay away from the second half of the protein bar!

Evening: After a 5 mile trail “run”, I cooled down with some coconut water.  For dinner, we had the Argentinian Pork we had planned for this week with a side of grilled asparagus. We split a sweet potato sprinkled with a little sugar/salt/chili powder combination, as well. All of that was washed down with a pretty tasty Scotch Ale from Highland Brewing that we picked up last weekend at Potent Potables.

Good eats all around!

How do you like to deal with leftovers for lunch?



2 thoughts on “WIAW: Leftovers for Lunch

  1. Marjorie

    That salad looks awesome! I love a big salad as a meal too, but it’s got to have enough good stuff on top to fill me up. Yours looks perfect! Happy WIAW!

  2. emiliemarie

    I love topping salad with salmon! I tried my first Niçoise salad a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. Never thought to add boiled potatoes to a salad before. I really like taking leftovers for lunch just for the time saving factor! I probably do it 3-4 times a week.


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