What I Ate (and Drank) Wednesday!

After spending a weekend at the lake with my extended family, I felt the need to get back in the swing of things (nutritionally speaking) yesterday. What a perfect time to link up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday!

I think I did pretty well, all things considered.


Morning: Oatmeal with mixed dried fruit, sliced almonds, and honey for breakfast. Honey Chobani for a snack.

Afternoon: We had a birthday lunch for my boss at Harper’s. I had a Summer Salmon Salad (not pictured because I was so hungry I dove right in).  It was good, but could have used a little something more to it.  It was made of arugula and shredded romaine. It was topped with some feta, kalamata olives, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.  The salmon was pretty tasty although definitely cooked more rare than medium (glad I like salmon sashimi). We also had cake. I took a picture of what was left.  About 4:00 I had my typical snack of celery & carrot, string cheese, and almonds. I wasn’t super hungry, but I knew I would need the fuel for my post-work run.

Evening: My friend Melanie has been telling me about Essentia water for the last couple of weeks, so I picked up a bottle before I left town last Friday. I finally used it to fill my water bottle for my run. (More on that another time). After my run I had a cold glass of coconut water and then a Hop Nosh with dinner. Dinner was leftover tempeh broccolini stir fry. Unfortunately, this dish is nowhere near as pretty when you eat it as leftovers as it is when it has just been cooked. No more bright green veggies.

Considering how many sweets I ate during the weekend at the reunion (I only managed to get half of one of my awesome brownies), I’ll say Tuesday’s eats fared pretty well!

In other news, I’m way behind on updating my training log. I’m hoping to get to that by Friday since I have a super busy couple of days ahead.


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