Product Review: Emergen-C Flavors

Let me clear, I really like Emergen-C. I don’t take one daily, but I turn to it whenever I’m starting to feel like I might be getting sick and I drink one a day when I enter taper mode at the end of a plan.  I also turn to it when I’m just feeling a little run-down. I’ve always enjoyed the orange and tangerine flavors and hadn’t really branched out because I know what I like.

I use my Keurig because I like my Emergen-C hot.  I add a packet to a mug and hit the button for the smallest serving on my Keurig.  I feel like this gives me the perfect ratio of water to Emergen-C, so it always has a good flavor.

Last year I received a couple of packets in one of my race bags at some point. I received a raspberry packet and and Immune+ mixed citrus packet.  The mixed citrus was fine. The raspberry was not. It just had kind of a cloying taste to it. I decided to stick with the citrus flavors after that.

However, my good friend, Melanie, is an Emergen-C ambassador and this past week, she brought me some new flavors to try, açaí berry and mixed berry.  So, over the last couple of days I’ve had one each morning to let you know my thoughts.


I tried the açaí berry first.  When the hot water started to hit the Emergen-C in the cup the smell brought me back to sick days in my Grandma’s kitchen as a child.  She would make us hot jello to drink. We loved it.  This smelled so much like that, I couldn’t believe it.  Then, I tasted it.  This flavor of Emergen-C has a great flavor! It had a great berry taste and it was not overly sweet. I was a big fan!

This morning, I tried the mixed berry packet.  It was good.  It had a good berry flavor, but didn’t seem as flavorful as the açaí berry.  It also was not too sweet.

I liked both of these flavors, but in terms of which one I liked best, the açaí berry flavor definitely wins out! I’ll definitely add that flavor into my purchasing rotation!


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