Weekly Recap: Family Time

At the beginning of the summer, I decided I wanted to make building my weekly base mileage a priority, so I built my plan each week to build on what I had done the previous week. I purposely kept speed work out of my routine to make sure my quads were in good shape and so I could focus strictly on how my body felt as I added on my miles. This week, I hit 26 miles. I’ll end up with about the same next week and then I’ll drop back slightly as I officially start my training for Crooked Road in November.

Here is how my week played out:
Monday: Body Pump during lunch, 1 mile and my full-body challenge in the evening
Tuesday: 4 miles of trail. It was tough and HOT! We ended up walking a good bit because it was just so miserable out there. I also got to add another fall to my vast collection of tumbles I’ve taken. I actually managed to roll a little so I avoided adding more scar tissue to the skin on my right knee.
Wednesday: Body Pump during lunch, 1 mile and my full-body challenge in the evening
Thursday: 5 miles with Melanie. I actually managed to finish this one with a relatively quick overall pace (quick for me, anyway). I did the first part of my challenge, but when I got to my side planks, my shoulders were spent, so I save those and my military presses for Friday morning.
Friday: 4 miles. I managed to do 3.4 without a walk break. With my asthma this was a pretty big deal. Did the rest of my Thursday challenge stuff and also what was scheduled for Friday.
Saturday: 1 mile of laps around our hotel and then hit the fitness center to do my challenge.
Sunday: 10 miles followed by an almost 2 mile stroll. (More on this run tomorrow!)

Overall, it was a good running week. I had two runs that left me feeling like I’m making some good progress. My long run was a little frustrating, but considering the level of humidity as I started, I don’t think I could have expected much more.

On top of all that, we got to spend a great weekend with family. We kicked it off on Friday, by driving up to Cumberland, Maryland. When we got there we met up with my sister’s family and my dad, stepmom, and nephew. We took my dad out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. We haven’t been able to do that for him in quite a while, so it was pretty special.  On Saturday, we spent the day with his extended family (most of whom I have not seen in over 10 years). It was so nice to spend time catching up with everyone and have decided that it will not go that long without me going up to see everyone again.

We decided to drive back to my mom’s house in Alexandria on Saturday night and we spent a couple of hours relaxing and chatting (and planning for our beach trip next week).  On Sunday morning, she made breakfast for everyone and we got on the road by midday to head back.

It was a very full weekend, but very happy as well!


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