Meal Planning: Vacation Time

It’s vacation week! Finally, this one has been a long time coming! We got to Nags Head last night and will be here through next Saturday. My sisters, mom, and I agreed that other than last night, we’re going to try to eat in for all of our dinners. The smallish kitchen may present a few challenges, but with a 6-burner Vulcan, trying to cook everything all at once for 14 people shouldn’t be too bad.


Our kitchen space for the week. Thank goodness for additional cabinets on the opposite wall and 2 refrigerators!

Here’s what we have sketched out for this week:

Sunday: Make your own pizza night
Monday: Fajitas (chicken and skirt steak)
Tuesday: London Broil and Shrimp
Wednesday: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
Thursday: Tacos
Friday: Clean out the refrigerator night!

For lunches, we’ll keep cold cuts, salads, and stuff on hand. And, I’m sure there will be more than our fair share of junk food snacking.

I’m looking forward to a great week on the beach!


3 thoughts on “Meal Planning: Vacation Time

  1. Christa Jones

    Love it! We do the same thing when we go away as a family. In case you need another quick & easy idea, we usually do a big pot of sauce & boil up some pasta. Have fun!!


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