Weekly Recap: Catching Up

Why is it that the week before a vacation begins is always crazy? I thought I was well-planned for our vacation last week, but as it turns out, my work schedule got completely crazy and we ended up with a lot to cram into the last couple of days before we left.

In the coming school year, all of our 24 middle schools are getting tablets for every one of their students. This summer, every middle school teacher is going through training about how to personalize learning both with, and without, the added technology. As a result, the curriculum department has been called on to help with some of the training sessions. Last week, I got to teach mini-sessions on differentiated instruction and cooperative learning. Then, on Thursday, I attended my own training. It was a very fulfilling week, professionally.

My workouts were a little challenging during the week before vacation. I started feeling a little tenderness just below my left knee where my patellar tendon meets my tibia. Since I’ve had patellar tendonitis before, and this pain seems familiar, my totally non-expert diagnosis is that it is back. So, over the last week, I kept my streak alive, but my longest run was only 4 miles. I’m wearing a knee strap, icing, and taking ibuprofen to see how I feel. I also cut out the lower body exercises from my 30 day challenge series since it seemed like the lunges and squats were just aggravating it more.

Boo! Patellar Tendonitis...

The point of inflammation with patellar tendonitis

During vacation week, I skipped my long run, but put in a mile each day. On Thursday, I did a 3-mile progression run. I managed to run the entire time and to increase my pace by a total of almost 2 minutes over the course of the run. The really good news is that my knee didn’t hurt any more during that run than it has during the last couple of weeks. I’m sure that the lack of pain is partially due to running on such flat land. I also put in 3 miles on Sunday, but I waited a little later in the morning. By the time I got out there, it was super thick out and my asthma started giving me trouble. So, after the first mile I walked. I was disappointed, but at least I got a chance to get out and move some.

Today, I’m calling my doctor to make an appointment to get my knee checked, so send good vibes. I’ve missed one week of ultra training already, so I’m hoping this is just a short-term setback. For now, I’m going to stick with 1-3 miles of running each day, but work in some other cardio cross-training that doesn’t involve so much stress on my knee. I’m thinking today that will involve some time on a bike. Whatever it takes, right?

In other news, today I will reach day 64 of my running streak! I’m kind of excited about this! I’ve enjoyed my daily runs a lot more than I thought I would. Even during vacation with a belly full of good food and drink I felt motivated to get out and get the miles done. I’m hoping that whatever is going on with my knee won’t stop my streak, but if my doctor ends up telling me I need to have more rest, and not just reduced mileage, I’ll listen. I definitely don’t want the streak to end up causing a long term issue!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!



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