WIAW: Busy Days

The last two weeks before teachers come back to school tend to be absolutely crazy. We always end up with countless meetings, presentations, planning and document work to finish up before teachers (and students) come back to start the school year. This year has been no exception. Yesterday, we had a 3 hour meeting to start our day about our plans for working with some of our higher need schools this coming year and then I spent the afternoon presenting to teachers at one of our local middle schools about the Gradual Release of Responsibility as a model of instruction.

As such, I filled my bag full of food for my day, but forgot that I should have been photo-chronicling all of my food for What I Ate Wednesday until I was at home for the evening and we were getting dinner started. At any rate, here is how my day went.

Breakfast: Turkey Bacon, Egg, Watermelon (The watermelon is a departure from my normal grapefruit, but someone at work brought a huge trailer to the office at the end of last week from his family’s farm down East.)
Morning Snack: Banana, Almonds, String Cheese (And a mental kudos to myself for managing to stay away from the not-so-healthy table full of breakfast foods that was next to me during the meeting.)
Lunch: Split Pea Soup and watermelon with blueberries while hunched over my computer keyboard trying to take care of a few items on my to do list before I had to get on the road to go to the school where I was presenting.
Afternoon Snack: Vega Double Chocolate Bar and fresh strawberries
Dinner: Appetizer of Roasted Purple Tomatillo Salsa with chips, followed by a dinner of spinach salad and barbecued shrimp. For dessert we each had 3 squares of Chocolove’s Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate bar.

Roasted Purple Tomatillo Salsa


Spinach Salad topped with a Mexican cheese blend and barbecued shrimp basted with my mom’s homemade barbecue sauce

Dinner was definitely tasty!


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