Road Trip Eats: Union Market and Sub Rosa

On Sunday, we drove from Williamsburg back to Greensboro. We were a little hungry when we left, but since we were already on the west side of Williamsburg, we decided we didn’t want to track back into Williamsburg proper to hunt down some grub. So, we decided to go ahead and get moving and look for somewhere we could stop when we got to Richmond. While Nathan drove, I hopped on Yelp, and started browsing. We needed to get on back into town, so we didn’t want anything that would take too long, and neither one of us was feeling a brunch, so I started looking for a sandwich shop.

I stumbled across Union Market first. Based on the Yelp reviews, I knew we were going to enjoy our meal. We ended up there within the next 30 minutes. (Side note: If you are traveling through Richmond, Union Market is super easy from I-95. If you are traveling on I-64, it takes slightly longer, but is totally worth the  trip.)

Union Market is a small market and sandwich shop. The sandwich shop is on one side of the building separated from the market, so there is seating. I’m not sure how crowded it would get, but there were plenty of seats when we arrived on Sunday. We walked up to the counter to peruse the menu and place our order, we also checked out the taps and decided on a Great Dismal Black IPA from O’Connor Brewing Company. We ordered a Chicago Beef sandwich and a Chicken Tarragon (check out their menu for descriptions). We also ordered a side of the quinoa salad on display at the counter.

While we waited for our sandwiches, we sipped our beers and perused the grocery section of the store. This isn’t a place where you could get all of your shopping done, but they did have some pantry and health care items. It is primarily a shop with some gourmet goodies and a great beer selection. They also had several shelves of wine, but we didn’t really look at that. We settled on two big bottles of beer and returned to our seats just in time for our lunch to be served.

Both sandwiches sounded so good, we ended up splitting both of them, and they did not disappoint! Each was served with a side of lightly dressed baby greens. The quinoa salad was nice and refreshing. We struggled to determine how it was dressed, but I think there may have been just a hint of sesame oil and rice wine vinegar. At any rate, lunch was awesome.


From left: Chicken Tarragon, Quinoa Salad, Chicago Beef

At some point while we were in the process of ordering, shopping, and eating, Nathan revealed that he had done a little research himself and he wanted us to hit a local bakery for dessert before getting back on the road. Sub Rosa Wood Fired Bakery was only a couple of blocks away, so we walked down there. We probably should have only ordered one pastry to split, but they looked so delightful that we just had to order two. We settled on the pain au chocolat and an almond roll (this isn’t one they normally do). We also ordered almond milk lattes. Everything was amazing! We split both pastries as we got back on the road. The pain au chocolat was solid, but the almond roll really stood out. It was topped with sliced almonds and powdered sugar, and was rolled like a cinnamon roll. It had finely ground almonds and spices between the layers. Can you say yum???

Pain au Chocolat at Sub Rosa

I have to say, the next time we drive through Richmond at lunch time, we’ll have a hard time not stopping at one or both of these places!


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