Weekly Meal Plan and Recap

I seem to be writing a lot of these two for one posts lately, but such is life.

Last week ended up being even busier than I anticipated. Couple what is typically my busiest week of the year with spending two evenings looking at houses, and you get one tired Katie. The university where Nathan teaches part-time was kicking off all of their beginning of semester meetings at the end of last week so he had a crazy week as well.

All that to say, we didn’t follow our weekly meal plan very well. We ended up eating out both Wednesday and Thursday nights. We did cook at home on Friday, but then I left early Saturday morning to go to DC for a baby shower and didn’t get back until late in the afternoon on Sunday. We managed to meal plan and grocery shop, and then, we were so exhausted, we ended up eating the leftover sweet potato pasta we made for dinner Friday night.

I also did not work out last week. At all. I pulled very late nights finishing presentations on Monday and Tuesday and just couldn’t get my energy level back up, even after throwing in extra sleep the next couple of nights. I had every intention of getting up and putting in just a few miles on Sunday morning, but I ended up sleeping in until 8. By that time, the family was up and I decided to spend my precious last few moments with them since I’m not sure when we’ll all get to be together again.

I’ll do better this week. Here are the meals we have planned this week:

Omelet – Nathan has a late departmental meeting with the music majors and minors, so I’ll be on my own for this meal. It’s a last-minute addition to the meal plan, but I’ll scrounge toppings from the fridge and eat it with a small salad.

Tempeh and Broccolini Stir Fry – We never cooked this last week, so it will be tomorrow night’s dinner.

Grilled Salmon and Roasted Broccoli – Nathan saw a strategy for grilling salmon by laying it on a bed of thinly sliced lemon, so we’re giving it a try. We’ll have broccoli on the side.

Grilled Veggie Salad – The weather is supposed to be great for grilling this week, so why not add another grilled meal to the mix? We love this one!


Our last grilled veggie salad!

Pork Tacos – This is one of the first meals that Nathan ever made for me and we love to dig it back out every so often. This will probably be dinner on either Friday or Saturday.

I’m also planning to get in 5-6 workouts this week. I need to go easy this week so I don’t mess myself up moving forward. My knee is still bothering me some, but if I don’t get restarted and moving, my motivation will take a downward spiral. So, I’m going to run 3-4 times this week, lift twice, and maybe hit the stationary bike 1-2 times (I’ll couple that with lifting). Wish me luck!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan and Recap

  1. jillconyers

    Everything sounds so good! Especially the salmon and grilled veggie salad. I’m partial to anything grilled!

    I co-host the link up with Laura. Thanks for joining and sharing your menu 🙂


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