Eating Healthy Looks Good

You may have noticed that dinner picture on my What I Ate Wednesday post yesterday. Well, here is where i get to tell you all about it!

Sometime in the last couple of weeks, while perusing for recipes, Nathan came across the idea of grilling salmon on lemon slices. Grilling any kind of fish is challenging unless you really lather it up in oil. We try to limit the amount of unnecessary oil in our diet, so this seemed like a perfect solution. When Earth Fare put Wild Sockeye Salmon on sale this week, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try!

We ended up purchasing a whole filet of salmon, so Nathan got started by trimming it into four smaller pieces (two of which went into the freezer). We also sliced some lemons and made a citrus herb butter.  The citrus herb butter was based loosely on this recipe for orange-herb butter. However, Nathan went with what we had, so he added lemon zest, but no juice, substituted tarragon for the cilantro, and also added some dill. He also drastically reduced the amount of butter called for in the original version.

When Nathan went outside to start getting the grill ready, I got to work on our side dish. Perhaps you’ve seen that recipe on Pinterest for The Best Broccoli of Your Life. Yeah, I totally stole this recipe from there (who, of course, gives credit to Ina Garten for the recipe). We always make it with just one bunch of broccoli because there are just the two of us. Therefore, I only use one good sized clove of garlic. I also cut the olive oil in the initial part down to 1 tablespoon and don’t add any more at the end (remember, cut out the unnecessary stuff). Once it is finished roasting, I throw it back into a bowl with the zest of one lemon and the juice of half a lemon. Then, I plate it and top it with just a little shredded parmesan.DSC02961

While I was busy with the broccoli, Nathan got started with the grilling. Looks awesome, right? He dotted the fish with the butter periodically as it grilled so all of that goodness would cook right into the fish.DSC02966

We managed to time the meal perfectly. I was just ready to start plating the broccoli when Nathan came in from the deck with the salmon.
DSC02982Such a tasty meal!


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