WIAW: Snacks

My appetite is endless these days. On days when I’m out and about in schools or training teachers, I keep it pretty well in check. But on days when I’m at my desk all day, I just can’t seem to keep away from the snacks. Yesterday is good evidence of that…

2014-09-09Breakfast: Typical egg, turkey bacon, and half a grapefruit–I can’t ever seem to remember to snap a picture of this before my coffee.
Morning Snack 1: An oatmeal “cupcake” and a banana
Morning Snack 2: Unplanned handful of peanut butter pretzels
Lunch: Leftover grilled vegetables and some of the black lentils that I’ll use for tonight’s stir-fry. I made way too many of these, so I’ll be eating lentils like crazy for the next week.
Afternoon Snack 1: Almonds–I think I needed something else with lunch, because I was starving again by 1:30.
Afternoon Snack 2: Edamame hummus with carrots and some red grapes
Afternoon Snack 3: Baby Snickers and a handful of salted nuts–Seriously. It was after 4, I had been super productive, and this was offered to me by a great coworker. It actually worked quite well as a late day pick me up before I hit the gym.
Dinner/Dessert: A lovely Sweet Josie Brown, Blackened Chicken over Lime-Cilantro Quinoa (with avocado/Greek yogurt sauce) and one square of Theo Classic Dark Chocolate with Orange

What strategies do you use when you can’t seem to stay away from the snacks? Or, do you just go with the flow?

Check out more Wednesday grub over at Peas and Crayons What I Ate Wednesday link-up!



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