Big Changes

There are more than a few things that have changed in a major way in our household since I last blogged. Man, I have missed writing on a regular basis, but priorities shifted around for a while. While things continue to grow and change, it hit me that blogging is something I want to make a priority. So, my new goal is not to write (almost) every day as I was doing before, but to get in a couple of quality posts each week. I’ll continue to write about what is happening in my kitchen, in my fitness life, and around the house. But now, I get to add my new role to the mix as well (more about that later). So, what are these big changes?

  1. We bought a house. We started house shopping back in spring of 2014, finally found something in the fall, and closed in December. So, we’ve been here for nearly a year and a half at this point. We’ve made some cosmetic changes, but we’ve been taking it one room at a time. Look for some blog posts in the future about what kind of changes we’ve made and what constraints we’ve had as we have done most of the work ourselves!
  2. I went back to school. I’m working on a post masters’ certificate in school administration and I’ve been working a bit on some professional writing. While I will keep the majority of my professional writing on my consulting website, I’ll be sure to mention when new posts go up so if any of my readers out there are also educators, they can keep up with the other side of my life.
  3. And, for the biggest change of all. Last week, I became a mommy. Our little PJ has quickly become the center of our universe. While I will not even pretend to be any kind of expert on anything childcare related, be prepared for some new mommy reflections and stories about my journey back to running for the foreseeable future.


Looking forward to sharing more with you soon!


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