Nothing Like the Last Minute

About 10 days ago, one of the teachers at my school came to me and asked if she could pass off the planning for a mutual friend’s baby shower to me. She had some personal stuff going on and needed to take a leave of absence from work. Of course, I said yes. The next day, the reality of what I had committed to hit home. So, what does one do when a party, even a casual one, gets handed off with one week to go until said event? That’s right, call in the troops.

After sleeping on it, I called in the troops! Two other teachers from the grade level and two other teachers from our school’s support staff. Fortunately, this was just a casual after school event, so we were able to divvy up the work and responsibilities. One person took salty snacks, one person took drinks, and two people decided the bear the responsibility for the cake. I decided to take on decorations and paper products because I just love that stuff.

My friend has a space theme for her impending arrival’s nursery and really isn’t into “cutesy” stuff so I decided to avoid baby blue and see what I could do to include her space theme. I found a planets set on Cricut, designed my own rocket (thank you, cut, slice, and weld tools!), and created a banner with the baby’s name for the gift table. I went with dark blue and gray for the tables and paper products.

Finally, I set up a basket for wishes for the new baby. All in all, I think it looked great and everyone enjoyed it!


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