Chop it Up

I am all about my new knives! We have some high quality (and high dollar) knives in our kitchen, but because our knives tend to the more expensive side, we don’t always have enough to go around, especially when we are doing prep for an extended family meal or one of our parties.

Enter the Vremi Knife Set! These brightly colored knives serve a wide variety of purposes and have their own knife sheaths. That means we don’t need to buy a bigger knife block or worry about cutting ourselves when we go digging for one in a kitchen drawer.

As for performance, these knives have exceeded expectations. They cut well, even through tomato skins, and the grips are super comfortable for my hands! We went strawberry picking about a week after I opened the box and the work was made super simple by having more than one chopping knife on hand to prep them for the freezer.

I’m super happy with these knives and glad that I have something in my life to simplify meal prep. And now, for the really good news…

You can use my giveaway to get your very own set of these knives! Check out the link below!

Win the Vremi Coffee Grinder and Knife Set #2


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