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Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle

It’s officially spring even though the weather here in North Carolina keeps trying to make us return to winter. But, with the warmer weather comes yard work galore!

I have more than a few outdoor projects in mind (more on those projects later), but one thing I was seriously lacking in is of the hose sprayer variety. The one I have been using the last couple of years was one I grabbed at Target a few years ago and never really took care of, so I was thinking I was going to replace it with something nicer.

Just at the right time, I was given the opportunity to purchase the Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle at a discount and I couldn’t have been happier!IMG_0496

The weight of the nozzle was impressive before I even took it out of the package. It gave the impression that it was made of high-quality materials and felt nice in my hand once it was out of the package.

Unlike cheap garden hose nozzles, this one threaded right onto my hose without an issue. Then, it came time to start the flow of the water and test it out.

For this trial, I used the jet stream to wash away some cobwebs from the exterior of my house, and the shower to settle some soil I used to fill some holes in my yard (that’s another post, too). I cycled through several of the other spray patterns and found that they will all be useful in some way as I work through my spring yardwork projects.

The thing that makes this hose nozzle unique is the mechanism used to turn the flow of water on and off. I like that it lets you control the flow of water much better than the “trigger” mechanism of most hose nozzles. When I was working the hose with two hands, it was easy to use. When I started to try to do something else with one hand, it became a little more difficult because of the size of my hands. However, I think it just takes some getting used to, because after a couple of trials, it was easy to manage.

Now, here comes the cool part.  You get a chance to win one of these awesome spray nozzles by entering the giveaway below! Check it out and be sure to enter!

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Wrap it Up

I was super excited to be selected for YouCopia’s campaign to review some new kitchen products. My kitchen cabinets and drawers are always a mess so it was exciting to get a chance to use something that could help me get organized.


I chose the StoreMore WrapStand for all my rolls of wraps and boxes of baggies. When it arrived I immediately put it together and got it set up on my kitchen counter. Right now, that is where it is living because it is a little too tall in its conventional position for my upper kitchen cabinets.

I’m deciding now if I’m going to keep it on its side or use it in one of lower cabinets (which would require a little reorganization). But, for now, I’m really enjoying it. I even had enough slots to store by box of gallon bags on its side. It makes it super easy to grab one without having to wrestle with a box in the bottom drawer of my cabinets.


Now, here is the best part. I didn’t just get to try one, I get to give away a YouCopia product so you can give it a try for yourself.

Enter below for your chance!

Win one Youcopia product of your choice #4

How do you tackle your disorganized kitchen? I would love to hear about what you do!

Weekly Recap: Getting It Back

There isn’t much new this week. In fact, I kind of stuck with what I did last week. Kept my mileage low, ran easy, and stayed away from strength.

Monday: 3 miles + 3 hours of raking, mowing, and yard clean-up – I had the day off thanks to Labor Day. Since my husband had to work, I took advantage of the time to get in my run early in the day. I managed to run the first mile, walk a minute, and then ran again until I got to about 1.75 miles. I walked a good bit after that and then ran in the last half mile.
Tuesday: 30 minutes on the stationary bike
Wednesday: Rest. I planned to run, but I ended up having to work late and was wiped out by the time I made it home.
Thursday: 3 miles – Managed to run a mile, walk a minute, and then run another entire mile. After that, I was pretty wiped out. I tried to start running again after a longer break, but I had nothing left in the tank.
Friday: Scheduled Rest Day
Saturday: 6 miles – My asthma has been acting up pretty badly the last couple of weeks, so I have cut my intervals back to 5 minutes. Even that has been a struggle, but I’m managing to put the miles in, even if I’m walking even more than usual.
Sunday: Rest – Per my doctor, I’m supposed to be resting for 48 hours in between my runs. I thought about hitting the gym for some bike time, but they don’t open until 1:00. We watched football and had beer and pizza instead. 🙂

This week, I’m going to start working in the strength training for sure. We are switching our runs to early mornings for a while, so I can get a short strength workout in the evenings of those days. I’m focusing on core work and some lower body exercises that don’t require squats or lunges. I’ll be sure to fill you in more on that in the coming weeks!

You may also remember that we’ve been house-hunting for a while now. While we look, I’ve taken to choosing one purging project each weekend. This weekend, I took on shoes. I started by laying out an old sheet on the bed (to protect our bedding), then I laid all of my shoes on the bed. I left out my really good shoes that live on the top shelf of the closet in boxes.

Yes, 8 pairs of running shoes. I have issues.

Yes, 8 pairs of running shoes. I have issues.

I sorted through them, pair by pair. Some went in the trash while some went into a pile for Goodwill. Then, I put them back in the closet. After I had sorted through all of my own shoes, I put all of Nathan’s shoes out and let him go through the same process. All told, we ended up throwing out 8 pairs of shoes and put 12 in pile for Goodwill.


It feels good to get rid of extra stuff!

Have you got a good idea for a purging project? Please share!