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Weekly Preview – June 12

It seems like now is a good time to link up with one of my favorite blogs, which I’ve been following for several years, Mommy Run Fast, to talk about what I’m doing for fitness and diet since my cesarean in the form of my plans for the week ahead.

During my pregnancy, I tried to keep up with my running and I was successful for a while. Then, right around Christmas I ended up with a horrible cold. After that, I just couldn’t manage to keep my heart rate down, so I ended up switching over to walking. I resumed walking about 5 days after my surgery at about a 30 minute pace with a quarter mile. Now, I’m walking up to 3 miles between a 15 and 16 minute pace. I’m happy with that progress i less than 5 weeks time, but that still means I haven’t run for 6 months. UGH!

On Thursday of this week, I have my 6 week postpartum visit with my doctor and I’m hoping that means I’ll be cleared to start running again. I won’t technically be at 6 weeks until next Monday, so I’m not planning to start mixing running in until that day, but this week I will continue my brisk walks to prepare my body for running when I get the all clear. I am still taking a rest day very frequently because a cesarean is major surgery and I want to make sure I am treating my body kindly to allow it to properly heal. I’m also leaving out strength training because I am not cleared for core work yet and I get enough upper body work carrying around the baby and pushing the stroller.

Here is how my week will look:

Monday: 35 minute walk

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 45 minute walk

Thursday: REST

Friday: 30 minute walk

Saturday: 1 hour walk

Sunday: REST

I’ve also been taking a bit of a break from meal-planning while I’ve been recovering. I have an amazing husband who has been meal-planning, grocery shopping, and doing most of the cooking since the beginning of my third trimester. I’m working on starting to make that more of a collaborative process again now that I’m feeling more recovered and have another month at home before the end of my maternity leave.

We can also plan some slightly higher maintenance mid-week meals right now, because I can typically get a some prep done during the day. If something happens and I have less time, we just switch the planned meal to something a little easier. What has made our meal planning much easier is buying a small dry erase board for the refrigerator. I picked up this days of the week dry erase board by Quartet days of the week dry erase board by Quartet from Amazon for less than $10. It is heavy duty and is magnetized so the dry erase marker sticks directly to it rather than having to stick it on the refrigerator next to it. We tend to stay much more organized with our meals when we use it. We also add when we have special things going on so it helps us to keep track of when we don’t need to plan meals or we need to make some other type of special arrangement. I only wish that the week on the board ran from Sunday to Saturday instead of Monday to Sunday as that is how we plan our meals.


For this week we are planning to have a real mix of things:

Sunday: Summer Vegetable Risotto

Monday: Big Salad with Tuna Medallions ($6.99/lb at Harris Teeter this week)

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken & Brussels Sprouts with a Shallot Mustard Sauce

Wednesday: Pork Tacos

Thursday: Skillet Gnocchi with Spinach and White Beans

Friday: Cookout with friends

Saturday: Eat out or get takeout


Weekly Meal Plan and Recap

I seem to be writing a lot of these two for one posts lately, but such is life.

Last week ended up being even busier than I anticipated. Couple what is typically my busiest week of the year with spending two evenings looking at houses, and you get one tired Katie. The university where Nathan teaches part-time was kicking off all of their beginning of semester meetings at the end of last week so he had a crazy week as well.

All that to say, we didn’t follow our weekly meal plan very well. We ended up eating out both Wednesday and Thursday nights. We did cook at home on Friday, but then I left early Saturday morning to go to DC for a baby shower and didn’t get back until late in the afternoon on Sunday. We managed to meal plan and grocery shop, and then, we were so exhausted, we ended up eating the leftover sweet potato pasta we made for dinner Friday night.

I also did not work out last week. At all. I pulled very late nights finishing presentations on Monday and Tuesday and just couldn’t get my energy level back up, even after throwing in extra sleep the next couple of nights. I had every intention of getting up and putting in just a few miles on Sunday morning, but I ended up sleeping in until 8. By that time, the family was up and I decided to spend my precious last few moments with them since I’m not sure when we’ll all get to be together again.

I’ll do better this week. Here are the meals we have planned this week:

Omelet – Nathan has a late departmental meeting with the music majors and minors, so I’ll be on my own for this meal. It’s a last-minute addition to the meal plan, but I’ll scrounge toppings from the fridge and eat it with a small salad.

Tempeh and Broccolini Stir Fry – We never cooked this last week, so it will be tomorrow night’s dinner.

Grilled Salmon and Roasted Broccoli – Nathan saw a strategy for grilling salmon by laying it on a bed of thinly sliced lemon, so we’re giving it a try. We’ll have broccoli on the side.

Grilled Veggie Salad – The weather is supposed to be great for grilling this week, so why not add another grilled meal to the mix? We love this one!


Our last grilled veggie salad!

Pork Tacos – This is one of the first meals that Nathan ever made for me and we love to dig it back out every so often. This will probably be dinner on either Friday or Saturday.

I’m also planning to get in 5-6 workouts this week. I need to go easy this week so I don’t mess myself up moving forward. My knee is still bothering me some, but if I don’t get restarted and moving, my motivation will take a downward spiral. So, I’m going to run 3-4 times this week, lift twice, and maybe hit the stationary bike 1-2 times (I’ll couple that with lifting). Wish me luck!

Be sure to check out more posts over at Mommy Run Fast!

Weekly Meal Plan: Eating In

Last week was so crazy busy and, on occasion, indulgent that we’re completely looking forward to a week of eating at home!

We have a couple of meals planned that will take a little longer to put together, but we’re keeping our Monday-Thursday dinners easy by using a combination of leftovers and quick dishes. Nathan has a couple of evening rehearsals this week and we are hoping to put in some house-shopping on Wednesday night, so this is really essential!

Here is our plan for the week:

Sunday – Paella – Nathan has been dying to make this again since we now have a gas grill he can use for it. Trying to do it on the stove top with our gargantuan paella pan just proved a little too difficult.
Monday  – Leftover Italian Bean Balls and Spaghetti Squash – We made these on Friday night and they were so good! I’ll stored the leftover balls separate from the leftover marinara to keep them from falling apart. I’ll heat up the balls in the oven and use the microwave for the other stuff.
Tuesday – Grilled Chicken Salad – No explanation needed!
Wednesday – Leftover Paella (this way we don’t wear ourselves out on it too quickly)
ThursdayCaramelized Onion Frittata
FridayArgentinean Pork – I haven’t decided on sides for this yet, but since I’m off on Fridays for a couple more weeks, I’ll see what inspires me Friday morning.
Saturday – We’re leaving this one open. We’ll be traveling to Suffolk, Virginia for Nathan’s family reunion for the day, so I don’t know if we’ll have any energy left to think about putting together dinner at home by the time we get back. We would both prefer to cook in, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Some of the ingredients for tonight's paella!

Some of the ingredients for tonight’s paella!

I’m really looking forward to a week of eating in! Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week over at Mommy Run Fast!

Meal Planning On the Fly

What a great holiday weekend we have been happening. We didn’t make any real plans prior to the weekend, but we’ve had plenty to keep us busy just going with the flow.

This morning, we met up with friends to run along the greenway and this afternoon, we are on our way to Durham for a baseball game. That means that menu planning and grocery shopping had to happen fast!

Here is what we came up with for this week’s major meals:

Sunday: Fish tacos with chips and roasted tomatillo salsa – We found all of the fixings for the salsa on our trip to the Farmer’s market yesterday, so we knew that some type of tomatillo salsa was happening. We ate before we left for the baseball game, so it turned out to be a perfectly light late lunch!


Sweet Potato and Peanut Burgers
Grilled Chicken with Red Onion Jam and either a salad or asparagus
Chipotle Pork Tenderloin with Strawberry/Avocado Salsa