About Me

Welcome to Living the Katie Way!  After several attempts to create and keep up with a blog, I hope this is it!  I’ve toyed with a food blog, a blog based solely on product reviews, a blog that acted as a personal journal, and a group running blog.  With all of the blogs I’ve had, I have found that some of what I have to say kept getting left out because certain topics didn’t fit the mold of the blog.  With Living the Katie Way, I hope to remedy all of that!

So, what can you expect to find here?  All kinds of things! You will find posts about food and drink, running and general fitness, product reviews, and personal reflections. I love to do research on the topics I write about, but please do not take me as an expert on any of the above topics.  If you want my area of expertise, please ask me a question about literacy or education.

As someone who loves to cook and eat, a lot of my life focuses on food.  A lot of what will be posted here will be general food knowledge and recaps with some links to recipes we have used that we have enjoyed.  I’m not a big recipe creator, but when I do come up with something I think folks will like, I’ll be sure to share it!

In terms of running and fitness, I’ve always been generally interested in keeping physically fit, but I was never the girl who did athletics in school.  In fact, I’m generally uncoordinated when it comes to most sports.  However, I decided I liked running while I was at the University of Virginia.  My last year there, some of my housemates and I would run short mileage about 5 days a week.  Since then, I toyed with running, but didn’t start getting serious about it until January of 2010.

Since that time I’ve run upwards of 10 half-marathons and 2 full marathons. I’ve also taken part in some crazy running antics that you can catch on my running group’s old blog.